This LEGO Star Wars Wedding Proposal May Be The Most Adorably Geeky Thing Ever

By Brent McKnight | Updated

People seem to like to get married. They keep doing it, anyway. And after all these years, it must be getting harder and harder to come up with new, inventive ways to pop the big question…you know, the one that you only ask once or so in a lifetime. There are a variety of geeky ways to ask someone to spend the rest of his or her life with you. You could use LEGOs, you could employ a Star Wars theme, or, like this particular love-struck young nerd, you could combine the two into a single, adorable proposal.

The groom-to-be (hopeless romantics that we are, we’re assuming she said yes) crafted a neat little Star Wars altar using everyone’s favorite toy construction blocks. What really makes the whole scene is the Stormtrooper, down on bended knee, holding a big ol’ diamond ring.

The ring might be a little over-sized, however, as the LEGO bride could easily use it like a hula-hoop. She does look pretty excited from this angle.

While this whole shebang is damn adorable, the cutest part may be the big orange heart hovering over the head of the LEGO couple.

And here’s the wide view, the one that gives you the best overall view.

After all of this, the happy couple had better walk down the aisle dressed as Han Solo and Princess Leia. If they don’t, their wedding day will feel like a bit of a failure (or at least a cop-out to this one person they’ll never meet rambling on the internet). They should also have someone dressed as Obi-Wan perform the ceremony. I’d say they should have someone in a Yoda costume, but that would be weird.

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