Invite Portal’s GlaDOS Into Your Home As A DIY 3D-Printed Lamp

By Nick Venable | Published

When I walk into a room, I like to know right away that there isn’t anything in the room that will lead me on a series of training missions that were only meant to bring about my doom. Especially knowing how susceptible I am to promises of desserts.

Dragonator, a member of the DIY Instructables website, decided to “portal” his way into everyone’s lives by offering fully detailed instructions on how to make your own ceiling lamp with a robotic arm that just happens to look like GlaDOS from Valve’s bestselling Portal video game series. Whether or not it carries the dulcet tones of GlaDOS’ Ellen McClain is entirely up to you and how far into this you’re willing to go. To be clear, kidnapping is a felony.


The parts are created by a 3D printer, and it involves a bit of wiring and basic DIY know-how, so maybe put some planning into this before you give it a shot. But if your decision is to go ahead with it, you’ll have a fantastic-looking movable lamp with an LED light where the “eye” would be. And you know what? It would look great in that test chamber addition to your house you’ve always wanted to add. Sure, you have a baby on the way, but you could make room in the corner for a crib, couldn’t you? And wouldn’t GlaDOS be a beautiful name for the child?