Huge Star Wars Memorabilia Sale On Craigslist

By Rudie Obias | Updated

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If you’ve got $35,000, then you could have your very own gigantic collection of Star Wars toys and memorabilia. A Star Wars collector from Waco, Texas is looking to unload their colossal Star Wars collection to anyone who has the cash. Apparently, the collection is valued at $120,000, but the seller is asking for only $35,000.

It seems odd that a Star Wars collector at this impressive level is asking for so little compared to what they have. Also, it seems odd that this Star Wars collector is looking to sell on Craigslist, one of the only mainstream places on the Internet that isn’t very secure for transactions of $20, let alone $35,000. I smell Bantha fodder!

Jokes aside, the collector seems legit, which is why it’s strange that they don’t go to a professional auction house or eBay. They must need the cash quick. Check out this mammoth Star Wars collection…

The Star Wars collector also seems to have taken good care of their possessions, because most of these items are pristine, having “never been around smoke and limited sunlight until 2003.” This speaks volumes to their worth. Read the full description of the collection below…

This is a collection that started in 1977 and ended approx 2005. Appraised at more than $120K. Everything has been in climate controlled storage for the last 2 years. Boxed and ready for pick up. Has never been around smoke and limited sunlight until 2003 when put into a sunlight free display building. Moved to climate controlled storage in 2010. Life size statues including Han Solo in Carbonite, Anakin, Stormtrooper armor, all vintage figures (nearly 100 MOC), numerous limited edition pieces from Master Replicas and Gentle Giant, Data East pinball, many autographs of the actors on 8×10 glossy photos, Chrome figures MOC, virtually every figure made up to and including some ROTS, posters, too much to list. Please email for more information.

This is NOT a joke, this is real. I can supply pics upon request or put you in touch with people who know the collection well. This collection has been featured a few times on KWTX here in Waco. The owner of Bankston’s knows it well also.

Maybe the seller just needs money for an emergency surgery or something. Either way, is there any way we could take a few thousand dollars off the asking price because there are prequel collectibles in the collection?

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