Han And Lando Team Up In Fan Made Kessel Run Movie Poster

By Will LeBlanc | Published

It’s always a breath of fresh air to see someone making great art based off something they love. Unfortunately for George Lucas, many of the fan pieces that so entertain us are there to chide him for his poor handling of what was the most loved franchise of all time. Today though we have a fun piece that just puts familiar characters into a fun situation.

Artists at The Old Red Jalopy recently posted up this gem which puts Han and Lando in roles originally held by Burt Reynolds and Roger Moore in the classic Cannonball Run. Check it out.

Sure this isn’t going to be a real movie, and let’s be honest, if Burt Reynolds AND Han Solo starred in this movie then they’d have a real winner. Bonus points on the poster since they include the oft overlooked Millenium Falcon co-pilot Nien Nunb. If you want to hang this up on your wall, head over to their site and see what they can do for you, but as of right now it’s only live on their DeviantArt page.

This is the way.

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