G.I. Joe 2 Super Bowl Spot Shows Off Transforming Motorcycles, Big Muscles, And Bruce Willis

By Will LeBlanc | Published

Anyone who saw the first attempt at a G.I. Joe live action movie likely cringed in pain at the announcement of its sequel. Not only was G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra a terrible piece of film making, it was also an incredible waste of money. Somehow they scraped their money back, but with a budget of $175 million, one has to question just where that money went since the actors were all low rent and the movie displayed some of the worst effects ever put to film.

The sequel is nevertheless on the way and they’ve added Dwayne “Still the Rock” Johnson to the fray, alongside Bruce Willis and the returning brick-with-a-face Channing Tatum. Retaliation looks like more of the same, promising big action, lots of pretty ‘splosions, and even a transforming motorcycle to try to capitalize on that other franchise spawned from an 80s cartoon that’s been doing much better at the box office. Check out the new Super Bowl ad below.

Not surprisingly, the scene of Snake Eyes sword fighting while repelling down a cliff face found its way into this short bumper. It’s by far the coolest looking part of the trailers we’ve seen so far, and really the only part of the movie that looks even remotely interesting. I love schlock. I own both Under Seige movies, True Lies, Die Hard, you name it and I’ve got it. But man, this movie looks bad. Maybe not quite as bad as the first one, but that really isn’t saying very much.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation hits theaters June 29th and should be avoided at all costs. If you support this movie, they WILL make a third.