Final John Carter Trailer Has Lots Of Action, Still Not Good Enough

By David Wharton | Updated

It’s no secret that we here at Giant Freakin’ Robot are critical of how Disney’s marketing department has handled all the John Carter advertising. At best, the commercials have been pretty but confusing, and at worse they look like somebody left a video of the Geonosis sequence from Attack of the Clones playing. This is not to suggest that I think that John Carter will be a bad movie. On the contrary, given the director involved (Pixar’s Andrew Stanton), I’m looking forward to it putting a giant smile on my face…inside a mostly empty theater. And that’s a damn shame, because if Stanton does nail the material, there’s a good chance we’ll never see a sequel, at least not until they decide to remake it in six months.

So now we’re just over a week away from John Carter‘s release. This is the last chance to win over those moviegoers who don’t know who John Carter is, the vast majority of average joes whose ticket purchases will be crucial to John Carter actually making its budget back, to say nothing of making a profit. With a lot riding on that opening weekend box office, Disney has unleashed their final John Carter trailer on the world. Does it work? Have they finally gotten it right? Should we prepare to arrive early so we won’t have to fight the crowd to find a seat for premiere night?

Sigh. At least we’ve still got that kickass fan trailer