FemShep Heads Up A Double-Dose Of Mass Effect 3 Trailers

By David Wharton | Updated

Bioware has a long history of kick-ass trailers. From the very first Mass Effect teasers up through the multi-part epic that made up their Star Wars: The Old Republic marketing, the Canadian game company’s ads regularly challenge the best of Hollywood’s output (not to mention, the final product usually outshines your average blockbuster). That’s certainly been the case with the Mass Effect 3 campaign, having delivered both a stunningly rendered CGI trailer and a live-action version showing Earth under siege by the Reapers. Now, with ME3 set to release tomorrow, Bioware has fired one last barrage of awesomeness across our bow. First up, Entertainment Weekly has landed an exclusive new version of the “Take Earth Back” CGI trailer…only this time it features the female version of Commander Shepard (FemShep to her devoted fans). Sure, it’s mostly the same footage, but let’s face it: FemShep makes everything better.

Next up, we’ve got the game’s official launch trailer. It may not have FemShep, but it does have damn near everything else you could hope for out of a Mass Effect trailer. If this doesn’t get you riled up to start kicking some Reaper ass, you, my friend, may already be indoctrinated.