Experience The Worst Flight Ever In The Sci-Fi Short, Vessel

By Brian Williams | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Danny is having a rough flight. Not only did he get seated behind an unaccompanied minor, and made himself look like a spaz in front of a hot flight attendant, now it looks like his flight is going to be late on account of space aliens. Clark Baker’s short film Vessel shows you that there can be worse things than sitting next to a really annoying talker on a five hour flight, ok maybe not worse than that, but comparable.

Short films tend not to be the most polished of story telling media but Vessel bucks this trend in a big way. Between the set, the creature design, animation, and digital effects this short could easily be mistaken for a big screen endeavor. While complete in its own right, the 13 minute film leaves just enough questions unanswered for ambitious studio execs to buy and turn into feature length movie or tv series.  I think it’s safe to say that we don’t see enough maggot vomiting space aliens in sci-fi these days, and we need something to fill that void.

Vessel is just one more example of the wonderful things that can happen with Kickstarter these days. Vessel was funded 2 years ago with a combined pledge total of just $10,125.  While the film was mostly funded before going to Kickstarter, that extra bit of money was necessary to push the project over to full production. It’s amazing to think that all of the awesome projects that normally die by the wayside for lack of cash can now get a boost through online crowd-sourced funding.

Vessel is an excellent short film and I will be patiently awaiting Clark Baker’s next film project. Hopefully he stays close to his roots in the space-maggot vomiting genre.