The Enterprise Boldly Goes Under Glass As An Amazing Coffee Table

By Josh Tyler | Updated

Here’s something for the stylish geek in your life. Or if the geek in your life is the kind of guy who sticks posters to the wall with thumbtacks instead of framing them, feel free to purchase it for me. It’s the Enterprise, as a coffee table.

This is more than just a coffee table, it’s a one of a kind piece of handmade original art created by woodworker Barry Shields and put up for sale on his Etsy page. Interestingly he chose to use the least famous Star Trek ship named Enterprise as his inspiration. That’s the Enterprise NCC 1701-C under glass, a ship only seen once in Trek as part of the brilliant Next Generation episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

Barry only made one of these and it took him one month to build. Carved out of ash, poplar and cherry wood it is reportedly solid, sturdy, and strong enough that you can put your feet up on it. Unfortunately looks like from his page he may have already sold his Enterprise table, for the extremely handsome sum of $3100. Personally, I think he could have gotten a lot more.

It remains to be seen whether he’ll do another Trek-table, but if he does, put me on the waiting list. My living room needs warp speed.

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