In A Clash Between Star Wars And Aliens, We’re Betting On The Aliens

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

There are certainly some scary, sinister monsters in the Star Wars universe. Wampas, the Sarlacc, and Rancors are all pretty frightening as far as vicious space beasts go. Still, there’s nothing that inspires abject fear quite the like the creatures from the Alien universe. The Xenomorphs are some of the most terrifying hunters ever imagined in science fiction.

But have you ever sat back and wondered what it would be like if the two worlds collided? Even if you haven’t, don’t worry, because British artist Robert Shane has most definitely spent some time thinking about such a situation. He has delivered a trio of digital paintings that envision what it might look like if Imperial cruisers happened upon Weyland-Yutani ships infested with H.R. Giger’s creations.


For example, how would a garrison of Stormtroopers hold up against an oncoming swarm of aliens? It doesn’t look like they’re having too good a time of it in this picture. They’re just outclassed, outnumbered, and about to become food.


Darth Maul may look similarly intimidating to the Xenomorphs, but an entire hallway crowded with the suckers may be a bit much to handle, even for a guy with a sweet, double-sided lightsaber and a mean-looking scowl.


This last one is the gem. The others are cool, but watching Darth Vader stare down a big, mother-scratchin’ alien is something to behold. If any member of the Empire is going to walk away from an encounter like this, you better believe it’s going to be Vader. Sure, he can use the Force, or hack off some limbs with his lightsaber, but I like to think he could reason with the creature. Both have comparable sleek, black exteriors, cold reflective eyes, and a general air of badassness about them.