Aliens And Terminator 2 May Get 3D Conversions, Avatar Sequels Still In The Early Stages

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s now been nearly three years since James Cameron’s Avatar opened in theaters and proceeded to relocate a significant fraction of the world’s money into James Cameron’s secret money vault deep within the Mariana Trench. While the director has spent the intervening years tinkering with the Avatar sequels and acting like some sort of crazy, billionaire version of Jacques Cousteau, his presence is about to be back in the public eye again thanks to Titanic hitting Blu-ray and Avatar finally getting a 3D Blu-ray release here in the States. As part of this latest Cameron media offensive, Avatar producer Jon Landau has revealed a few new details on the upcoming sequels and whether we’ll ever get 3D conversions for Aliens and Terminator 2.

With so much of Cameron’s current filmmaking wrapped up in the world of 3D, it’s hard not to wonder if the director’s earlier classics might eventually get the 3D treatment as well. Collider broached that topic during a new interview, and Landau was enthusiastic but noncommittal. “I think, if we get through the next two Avatars, Jim would love to,” said the producer. “I think Jim really feels that the 3D enhances the storytelling process, and I think both of those movies would be ideal candidates to do this with.”

Well, at least if it happens you know the 3D will be top notch. Still, the mere thought makes the die-hard Aliens fan inside me want to nuke this entire story from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

The last we heard about the sequels to Cameron’s mega-successful Avatar was last month, when the director said he was planning on moving to New Zealand in advance of getting the follow-up films underway. Landau wasn’t able to add too much to that state of affairs. The producer says that the scripts “are pretty far along” and that WETA Digital is involved in the project. That’s a long way from even a tentative release date, and Landau jokingly pointed out that Titanic was originally slated to be a summer movie but wound up releasing in December of 1997. As Landau puts it, “We’re going to make the best possible version of these movies, and they will come out when they are exactly that.”

Avatar comes to 3D Blu-ray on October 16th.