Bryan Singer Developing New Twilight Zone TV Series

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By David Wharton | Updated

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The Twilight Zone has been in the news a bit in recent months thanks to a feature film version that’s been in development for a while now, at one point set to be directed by Let Me In helmer Matt Reeves. The last we heard about that project was ‘lin November, when it was revealed that the flick would tell one story, rather than taking an anthology approach like the series and the 1983 film. Now some very exciting news reveals that the Twilight Zone will also be returning to its television roots, courtesy of Bryan Singer.

The news comes by way of Deadline, who say Singer will be developing, executive producing, and possibly directing a new Twilight Zone series for CBS TV studios. While the project is still in the very early days, Singer and company are currently looking for a writer for the pilot. There’s no word yet what format the new TZ series will take. Will each episode be one self-contained story? Or maybe several shorter stories? Either way, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on this one.

There have been a few incarnations of The Twilight Zone over the years, most recently the short-lived 2002 version aired on UPN and hosted by Forest Whitaker. There was a notable reboot in the mid ‘80s that enlisted the talents of folks such as Babylon 5’s J. Michael Straczynski, Farscape’s Rockne S. O’Bannon, Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin, and Harlan Ellison himself. Hopefully if this new TV version goes to series, they’ll follow in the earlier versions’ footsteps and hire some of the current era’s best genre writers to pitch in.