Sandra Oh Is Dying To Become Her Mother In Terrifying Umma Trailer

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

Sandra Oh

The newest chapter in the genre of horror films comes in the way of a new film called, Umma. Umma translates to mother in Korean. The film stars Sandra Oh, and Sony Pictures has finally released the trailer for this upcoming supernatural horror film. The 2:30 second trailer shows a ton of exposition and crazy happenings between Oh and her costar and daughter in the film, Fivel Stewart. You can see the trailer below:

Umma was written and directed by Iris K. Shim. The film is said to follow the tribulations of generational trauma and what it means to deal with motherhood, albeit with a horrifying experience. In the trailer, there are instances of what appear to be folklore, and Sandra Oh narrating throughout the trailer leans into that drama. She says, “Some Koreans believe that life’s hardships are caused by the tormented spirits of their ancestors.” While that statement could be true, there are some fantastical elements shown in quick images, like what appears to be a nine-tail fox. Folklore and horror together might make for quite a thrilling watch.

Sandra Oh plays a beekeeper by the name of Amanda, who lives a rural life on a farm with her daughter, played by Fivel Stewart. Things seem to be going well for the pair until the remains of Amanda’s mother are brought in from Korea. Once this happens, as you can guess, chaos ensues. Scary images of the above-mentioned fox, Oh being wrapped up on arms, and much more is deeply embedded in this roller coaster of a trailer. Oddly enough, none of the other characters have been given names via IMDB. Very interesting when thinking about what could be truly happening in this film. On top of Iris Shim’s writing and directing, the film is being produced by heavy hitter, Sam Raimi. Raimi clearly saw the value in scaring the pants off people while blending such elements of horror and folklore. Sony Pictures also dropped a poster for the film via their Twitter page. You can see the photo below:

While we are not sure what is going on with this poster, it seems as if Sandra Oh has some sort of scarring on her face, or she is quite possibly turning into her mother. More narration could confirm the scarring. In the trailer, she tells her daughter, “I remember so much screaming. I didn’t want you to know her.” We certainly don’t want to know her mother either, especially from what we were treated to in the above trailer. The tagline that states a mother’s love never dies could also be a clue as to the supernatural dread that this film is set to unleash on us all.

Umma releases on March 18th, so there are only a couple more weeks to wait to see this new Sandra Oh offering. While we are excited to see it, the trailer paints quite a deep picture of horror caused by generational trauma. We might all want to think about this before we plan to put our own mothers in a home. She might come back to haunt you. Remember that.