Sandra Bullock Revealed Why She Won’t Be In Channing Tatum’s Next Project

By Cristina Alexander | 2 months ago

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is starring with Channing Tatum in The Lost City, an adventure comedy film that is set to come out next year. Apparently they’re having so much fun filming the movie together that the Tatum asked Bullock to come on board with him for Magic Mike 3. There’s just one problem: Bullock just revealed that she won’t be in his new Magic Mike sequel because she doesn’t want to steal his thunder.

As reported by ET, Sandra Bullock joked to Kevin Fraser last night at the premiere of her new film, The Unforgivable, that the reason why she doesn’t want to star in the third installment of the Magic Mike series is that she doesn’t want to out-dance Channing Tatum despite the fact that they would be dancing on the same strip club stage. She’s not sure if she even wants to play a stripper, either. Regardless, she doesn’t want audiences shifting their focus from the titular strip club dancer and and instead centering on her simply because she might dance better than him.

“He’s doing a lot of asking for me to come on board with my skills in the stripping world, which they’re world-renowned,” Sandra Bullock said. “I don’t know if I wanna do it and take the attention away. Channing needs that moment, and if I step on that stage, you know what’s gonna happen, it’s like, all eyes are gonna be on this. It’s all gonna be on mama. Not really, but in my world, that’s what would happen. All eyes would just shift off of Channing and onto me.”

Channing Tatum confirmed on Monday that he’ll be starring in the third and final Magic Mike film (though sadly, without Sandra Bullock), tentatively titled Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which will be seen exclusively on HBO Max. The actor posted a picture of the script on Instagram, revealing that the film is written by Reid Carolin and will be directed by Steven Soderbergh. They have been on the franchise since the very first Magic Mike, although the 2015 sequel, Magic Mike XXL, was directed by Gregory Jacobs. He will return to the third film as a producer.

While Sandra Bullock may not be dancing in the next Magic Mike film, she’s probably doing the dance of shock at the sight of her post-apocalyptic Netflix thriller Bird Box being dethroned to second place by Dwayne Johnson’s Red Notice. The film, which spurred the dangerous challenge of driving while blindfolded, held the title of Netflix’s most-watched film since its release in 2018. Now, Red Notice has taken that crown with the biggest opening day on record.

Thankfully, there was no time to throw a pity party. Sandra Bullock released The Unforgivable over Thanksgiving week, in which she plays Ruth Slater, a woman working to re-adjust to society after being incarcerated for committing a violent crime. She said it was an honor to tell the story of a woman who was dealt a bad hand in life that placed her in the criminal justice system. The film will be streaming on Netflix on December 10.