Samuel L. Jackson Is On Set For His Next Marvel Project

By Faith McKay | 4 seconds ago

samuel l. jackson

While Secret Invasion doesn’t have an official release date yet, there’s a lot of reason to hope that the new series starring Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury will hit Disney+ in the summer or fall of 2022. Film London recently spotted the Marvel actor on the streets of the city, arriving for the filming of the new series. While we know some confirmed details about the series so far, we’re still waiting for more to come out. Hopefully, eagle-eyed residents of London will soon be spotting other expected cast members on the street.

So far, we know that Samuel L. Jackson will be playing Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn will return as Talos, the Skrull seen in Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. We also now know that Emilia Clarke will be in the series, alongside Christopher McDonald. Marvel has yet to confirm characters for either of these stars and both are keeping tight-lipped about their new roles. Kingsley Ben-Adir has officially joined the cast and is rumored to be playing a villain, though that’s not confirmed. Olivia Colman is rumored to be part of the cast. That news has been spreading for months, but no one at Marvel has confirmed that yet. The actress once said that she was “too middle-aged” to ever get a Marvel role. If she is cast in the Disney+ series, she is currently 47 years old, joining a 72-year-old Samuel L. Jackson.

olivia colman

In Captain Marvel, we got to know Talos and learned that not all Skrulls are evil. This is a little more complicated than the way things were handled in the Secret Invasion series in Marvel comics, where the Skrulls come to earth, invade, and cause a great deal of chaos. The team Nick Fury puts together in those comics included characters like Wolverine, Spider-Woman, and members of the Fantastic Four. Since, currently, these are not characters who’ve been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the MCU’s take on Skrulls has been different, it’s a fair guess that Samuel L. Jackson’s Disney+ series is going to be a fair bit different from what we know of Secret Invasion in the comics.

Still, we’re likely to see Skrulls come to Earth. We’re likely to see a hot-headed Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. And we’re likely to learn a lot more about the aliens. There’s been no word yet on whether Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will appear. There’s also the possibility of Monica Rambeau or Ms. Marvel appearing in the Disney+ series, both of whom will star in The Marvels, but no word yet.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Secret Invasion is handled. Will the Skrulls still be the only big bad enemy for the series? Captain Marvel had enemy Skrull characters. They’ve done terrible things, including to Talos, a Skrull himself. However, reminding the audience that Skrulls, like humans, are a diverse group of people, made them a little less terrifying than if they were just straight evil as they are in the comics. That may mean the introduction of new villains, or at least individual lead villains from the Skrulls. Fortunately, Samuel L. Jackson is now in London, filming the new Disney+ series, so audiences won’t have too much longer to wait.