See Samuel L. Jackson Free His Mind In Stunning Ptolemy Grey Trailer

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

samuel l. jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has had plenty of huge roles in his career and it’s easy to see why he remains one of the most sought-after talents around. Working on the big screen like almost no other actor ever. But now he’s starting to take his skills to the small screen with a couple of highly-anticipated series coming out this year. One of them just dropped a trailer and frankly, it looks stunning with Samuel L. Jackson taking on an expanded role in an intriguing and rather unique story. We got our first look at The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray and it could be a massive hit for Apple TV+. 

The trailer for The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray gives a look at the new series which will feature Samuel L. Jackson as the titular character who is in advanced age. He’s also becoming increasingly confused, unable to remember very simple things about his life. That is until he’s offered a special procedure, one that will unlock all of his memories and give him a chance to solve mysteries he’s been wanting to for years. But there is a downside to all of this, one that makes it an almost impossible choice. Check out the trailer:

In The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray, we get to see Samuel L. Jackson across multiple timelines as we delve back through his memories and the mysteries he is trying to solve. He goes through almost full transformations over the course of the series which looks like a stunning, almost historic, look back at a man and his life lived. Jackson appears more than suited for the role which could get deep on a number of different levels. It looks like there is a lot to unpack here with narrative shifting throughout. But at the center are Ptolemy’s memories and how’s trying to hold on to them before losing everything. 

In addition to Samuel L. Jackson, The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray will also feature Dominique Fishback (Jesus and the Black Messiah) as his family member who is helping him through the memory retrieval process. There’s also Walton Goggins as the doctor who employs the radical treatments that unlock the brain. Others include Omar Benson Miller, Marsha Stephanie Blake, and Damon Gupton. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Walter Mosley. Ramin Bahrani (Fahrenheit 451, The White Tiger) is on as director. 

And this isn’t the only series on the way for Samuel L. Jackson. He’s set to reprise his role of Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Secret Invasion releases on Disney+. The adaptation of the comic book series, Jackson’s Fury will be working to stop a Skull takeover of Earth. The group has disguised themselves as humans and the series is likely to be a cat and mouse game of who’s who. Before that, we will get The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray which is set to release on March 11th on Apple TV+. It very much looks worth the watch.