Jonah Hill Has Smashed Samuel L. Jackson’s All-Time Record

By Dan Lawrence | 2 months ago

samuel l. jackson nick fury captain marvel

Film buffs probably all believe that Samuel L. Jackson is the king of cursing. From Pulp Fiction to Snakes on a Plane and almost every film in-between, the veteran actor can be counted saying one of many curse-ridden phrases. It would seem one of the only roles in which he doesn’t get foul-mouthed is Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe. However, as reported by MovieWeb, Jackson is not the top of the pile when it comes to swearing on screen.

This may come as a surprise to many and even Samuel L. Jackson himself, but the crown does in fact go to none other than Jonah Hill. Jackson apparently isn’t even in second place, with Leonardo DiCaprio bumping his Django Unchained co-star into a bronze medal position. According to MovieWeb, Jackson had the news broken to him on The Tonight Show by host Jimmy Fallon. Fallon presented a Buzz Bingo survey that recorded Jonah Hill with 376 profanities in film, Leo with 361 and Jackson with only 301.

Hot on the heels of Samuel L. Jackson were Adam Sandler with 295 and Al Pacino 255 on-screen profanities. Whilst it is hardly surprising that these five stars feature at the top of this poll, the order is intriguing and one that Samuel L. Jackson believes is incorrect. Readers can see Jackson’s reaction to the news in the video below.

Perhaps in a bid to make up the numbers lost to Jonah, Samuel L. Jackson delightfully retorts by saying, “That’s some bull***t. I mean, no. No, no way man. Jonah Hill, really? And Leo? That’s impossible, man. I don’t believe that. Somebody has miscounted.” Jackson may take some solace in the fact that the survey in question was published back in 2020 and with the rate at which the prolific actor appears in films he may well have clawed back some of the numbers. However, Jonah Hill is many years Jackson’s junior, so given time surely Hill’s gap at the top will widen.

According to Variety, Jonah Hill has both Superbad and The Wolf of Wall Street to thank for making the greatest contribution to his tally. The Wolf Of Wall Street also helped Leonardo Dicaprio with his count as well. Shocking as it may be that Samuel L. Jackson isn’t in the top spot, he can rest easy knowing Pulp Fiction charted top of the survey as the film with the most curse words, 715 to be exact. One project coming up for Samuel L. Jackson where he is unlikely to see his swearing tally improve is Secret Invasion on Disney Plus. The latest Marvel series will see Jackson return to the role of Nick Fury and the star confirmed recently that Martin Freeman’s Agent Ross will be returning as well.

While Samuel L. Jackson may have missed out on the top prize for swearing in film, the veteran actor is set to receive a notable honour in the coming weeks. Jackson is among this year’s recipients of an honorary Oscar at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governor’s awards later this month due to his outstanding contribution to Cinema. The star has said he feels that an actual Oscar should have come his way in the past, but this award must serve as some vindication for the actor and many would agree that such recognition is a long time coming.