Sam Jackson For Sonic The Hedgehog 2?

By Rick Gonzales | 6 months ago

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The surprising success of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has prompted a lot of sequel talk, which now is no longer talk. The movie looks to be moving forward with a possible production start date in May 2021 and also the very good possibility we will see Jim Carrey back as Dr. Robotnik. But what may come as more of a surprise are a couple of A-list names being tossed around for a prominent human cameo role. Number one on that list: Sam Jackson.

Along with Carrey, Sonic starred James Marsden (unsure if he will return) and Ben Schwartz, who was the voice of Sonic and who should be returning in the same role. It is thought that the first movie’s director Jeff Fowler will be back for the sequel, which will also be penned by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, writers of the first. But what’s interesting about this is that the film’s producers are looking for an A-lister to fill the shoes of a new supporting character named Randall. More intriguing is that Sam Jackson has been mentioned as well as Chris Rock, according to The Illuminerdi.  With pre-production just recently beginning on the sequel, these names are probably just wishful thinking, though Rock may be one who’d take the role if offered. It would be fun to see Carrey and Jackson share some screen time though.

When Sonic the Hedgehog trailer first hit, it left the many fans of the video game completely unimpressed. In fact, they were so disappointed by the look of Sonic that their complaints went all the way to the top. Enough to delay the movie’s release so that the animators could go back to the drawing board and fix what was broken. Thankfully they did. The movie dropped to a rousing success, bringing in a shocking $321 million take at the box office. Fans loved the new look of Sonic, they absolutely loved Jim Carrey’s return to silly comedy, and it had a fun story that resonated with fans. A sequel just had to follow, and who better to join Jim Carrey than Sam Jackson?

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In addition to possibly adding Sam Jackson, the sequel also appears to be bringing with it another popular Sonic character besides Tails, who was introduced in the post-credit scene. Fowler looks to be appeasing fans as it is said Knuckles the Red Echidna will not only be making an appearance but will be enjoying a larger role than just a simple cameo. It is also said that Knuckles will appear true to his video game personality. He will glide and be able to climb walls. At the moment, there has been no announcement as to who will voice the part. With Tails having been introduced in the post-credit scene, you can also be certain that he will make an appearance in the sequel as well.

It will be interesting to see just how the animators approach the design of Knuckles, hopefully learning their lesson the first time around. Where the story takes Sonic, Tails, and now possibly Knuckles is up for debate. As fans of Sonic know, Knuckles is now the guardian of the Master Emerald, a gemstone that controls the Chaos Emeralds. These emeralds were not introduced in the first movie, so this could possibly be the jumping off point for the sequel. Sam Jackson has united the Avengers before, maybe he’ll unite the emeralds in the Sonic sequel?