See Salma Hayek Transformed Into A Gorgeous Hera For New Project

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

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Well, we can update our update to a mysterious new project now involving multiple film stars. Salma Hayek just posted a picture to her popular Instagram account featuring her costume as Hera, the Queen of the mythological Greek pantheon of Gods. This appears to be a companion image to one action movie legend/ former Governor of California recently posted, in which he is decked out in crackling lightning bolts and a very impressive beard as Zeus. In her poster, Hayek is clad in a former fitting metallic dress with spiked shoulder pieces, a vividly blue pendant and a regally golden crown of laurel around her hair. Also, she appears to be surrounded by some kind of mystical energy. You can see the Instagram post here: 

It was just recently revealed that the original image Arnold Schwarzenegger posted was a teaser for an upcoming Super Bowl advertisement. Pretty much as soon as it was posted, many (including us!) speculated this would be the case, and now both Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek’s posts have confirmed it. The captions to both the posts prominently feature shout outs to BMWUSA and BMW Electric. In 2022, Super Bowl commercials are as much a part of American culture as the NFL event itself, so it is not surprising that even mega-expensive advertisements are being given the social media rollout you might expect for a TV series or movie project. The prominent German car manufacturer BMW also appears to be making some major changes to their fleet of electric powered and hybrid vehicles, so this is all likely part of a big push in the quickly growing market of “environmentally friendly” automobiles.

Stunning as the image of Salma Hayek as the mother of all Olympic divinities is, it is just one of her cornucopia of fantastic Instagram posts. Just recently, she posted a picture of herself clad in very flattering tiger stripes to commemorate the incipient Year of the Tiger, and her backstock of swimsuit shots is worth the dive. To his credit, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently posted a picture of himself with a dinosaur, which is pretty good too. Traditionally, Zeus and Hera have a very…tumultuous…marriage in Greek myths, so it will be interesting to see what the vibe between the two is in the upcoming Super Bowl ad. Hayek and Schwarzenegger have never appeared in a project together, so this will be a first for the pair. 

Of course, this is not the first time Salma Hayek has portrayed a character based on ancient mythology. She starred in 2021’s MCU film Eternals as Ajak, the leader of a group of immortal aliens who inspired various myths and legends of humanity. While the movie was initially considered a mild disappointment at the box office, its recent release on the Disney+ streaming platform showed much, much higher viewers numbers at home. At the very least, it is absolutely certain that Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be seen by millions at home come Super Bowl time. Who knows who else will have joined the BMW pantheon by then?