See Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell On The Set Of Their Christmas Movie

By Tyler Pisapia | 2 weeks ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds shared an image from the set of his and Will Ferrell’s upcoming holiday movie Spirted that’s sure to get people excited for the two comedy titans to appear on screen together. 

See the photo of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell below.

Ryan Reynolds seemingly took a photo of one of the test screens on set that showed him and Will Ferrell staring into each other’s eyes with their faces very close to one another. While Reynolds looks nonplussed at the situation, his co-star seems surprisingly sanguine about their odd face-to-face. The actor shared the image to mark the first day of shooting on the Christmas comedy.

The duo will appear in the upcoming film, which is described as a modern take on Charles Dickens’ famous story A Christmas Carol. However, unlike countless reimaginings, but similar to one done by the Muppets, the Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell version will be a musical adaptation of the story. 

For those unfamiliar, A Christmas Carol tells the story of a shrewd miser named Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve that show him his past, present and future if he keeps to his wicked and uncaring ways. Collider reports that Ryan Reynolds is set to take on the Ebenezer Scrooge-like role while Will Ferrell is applying his reliable comedic chops to the role of Christmas Present, the ghost that shows Scrooge the impact he has on the people currently in his life. 

Ryan Reynolds

Joining Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in the holiday romp is Octavia Spencer, who the outlet notes will play a friend to the Scrooge-like character, possibly a modern-day stand-in for the kindly character Bob Cratchit. In the original story, Cratchit worked under Scrooge but was not paid nearly enough to foot the bill for the medicine that his ill son, Tiny Tim, needs to survive the holiday. 

While Spirted marks the first time that the comedic duo appear on screen together, it’s far from their first outings in movies centered on the Christmas holiday. Ryan Reynolds starred in the 2005 romantic comedy Just Friends, which centers around a formerly obese high schooler returning to his hometown after ten years to solve the unresolved feelings he has for his high school crush. 

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Meanwhile, Will Ferrell famously starred in what has become a holiday staple, the 2003 family comedy Elf. The movie sees Ferrell play Buddy, a human who was raised by elves at the North Pole. When Buddy realizes that he’s adopted, he sets out on a journey to New York City to meet his real father. Through a combination of childlike optimism and naivety, he manages to turn his grumpy biological dad and his family around with some holiday cheer. Perhaps he’ll bring some of that childlike wonder to Ryan Reynolds’ character in Spirited?

Elf got some renewed attention in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic when the cast reunited for a reading of the script via Zoom along with John Lithgow, Wanda Sykes, Ed Helms, and others in a fundraiser to benefit the Democratic Party of Georgia. At the time, two candidates in the state were in a heated race to flip it blue, which they ended up doing thanks in no small part to the holiday magic of the Elf cast. However, Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming holiday romp has significantly fewer stakes beyond trying to make yet another fun Christmas comedy.