Ryan Reynolds Teaming Up With Another Action Star?

Ryan Reynolds might be teaming up with another huge star for an action-comedy movie. This pairing would be perfect together

By Doug Norrie | Published

ryan reynolds hitman

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most sought-after talents in all of Hollywood. That’s both from a studio perspective, but also a collaborative perspective as well. Other talents are clamoring to work with the guy and for good reason. From a talent and personality perspective, Reynolds seems like one of the best in the entire business. And the latest rumor, this one from We Got This Covered, has it that the next project for Reynolds could be a team-up with John Cena. 

This rumor, and it’s very much a rumor, would pair Ryan Reynolds and John Cena for an action-comedy. It would be an original story and is being described as “high concept”. That’s about all there is in terms of “news” on this front, but it makes sense that the two would look to pair together on a film. Both have the comedy-action gene in them, having displayed the ability to pull off massive action sequences with a somewhat devil-may-care attitude that plays perfectly on the big screen. Getting them together in a flick could be gold. 

How something takes shape remains to be seen. Both Ryan Reynolds and John Cena are incredibly busy these days with a number of different projects in the works. Reynolds just released the sequel The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard  a couple of weeks ago and has Free Guy dropping later this summer in August. The latter looks like a blockbuster flick in the making with Reynolds playing a video game NPC who “wakes up” to his current situation, now being able to manipulate the game in a way he couldn’t before. 

ryan reynolds

And that’s not all for Ryan Reynolds with the star in pre-production on The Adam Project, a Shawn Levy-helmed film that will involve Reynolds time traveling to help a younger version of himself. Filming took place back in November and the cast is loaded with Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, and Catherine Keener all on board. 

Plus, who could forget Ryan Reynolds eventually returning to his Deadpool character? With the Merc with the Mouth set to officially join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s been significant speculation about whether Disney would uphold the same level of, um, maturity, we saw in the first two films. It appears Reynolds may have won the day with the studio on that front and Marvel head Kevin Feige has said the next flick will still have to be R-rated. 

As for John Cena, before he possibly teams up with Ryan Reynolds, he’s got his own comic book film turn coming soon. He’s set to take on the role of Peacemaker in the DC Extended Universe with the debut appearance in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad reboot. And Warner Bros loved what they saw so much that they’ve already put the character off into a solo series on HBO Max. 

So Ryan Reynolds and John Cena both have a ton going on, but getting them together on the big screen would also make a ton of sense. Here’s to hoping it happens in the next few years. The ability for each to combine the laughs with the brawn would make for a perfect pairing.