A Ryan Reynolds Sports Comedy Is Streaming Completely Free

By Doug Norrie | Published

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The Fast and the…Snail? Ever thought you’d hear “Ryan Reynolds” and “speedy snail” in the same sentence? Well, welcome to the whimsical world of Turbo. Now streaming on FreeVee, this animated delight features Reynolds in the voiceover booth.

Ryan Reynolds proves that not only does he shine in live-action but he can also give life to a tiny mollusk with oversized dreams. Dive into this quirky tale where speed isn’t just for the racers on two legs…or even four wheels!

Ryan Reynolds stars in Turbo, an animated movie from DreamWorks

In Dreamworks’ Turbo, Ryan Reynolds lends his unmistakably charismatic voice to the titular character, Turbo, a garden snail who dreams of becoming the world’s fastest racer. Bored and frustrated with the slow-paced life of his community, Turbo always felt out of place, wishing for speed.

The world of snails, as you can imagine, isn’t the most exhilarating, especially for someone with dreams as big as Turbo’s.

Ryan Reynolds’s Turbo finds his world turned upside down when a freak accident grants him incredible speed. Suddenly, the impossible seems possible: winning the Indy 500.

With his newfound abilities and a bunch of misfit snail friends by his side, Turbo sets out on a journey to achieve what everyone thought was impossible for a snail. 

Throughout the film, Ryan Reynolds perfectly captures the essence of a dreamer, delivering lines with humor, determination, and a touch of that classic Reynolds wit.

He breathes life into Turbo in such a way that audiences can’t help but root for this tiny underdog (or undersnail?). The journey is packed with thrills, laughs, and a whole lot of heart, largely thanks to Reynolds’s standout performance.

Turbo, with Ryan Reynolds in the driver’s (or should we say, slider’s?) seat, enjoyed a mixed-to-positive reception from critics. While many praised its vibrant animation, energetic voice performances (especially from Reynolds), and feel-good messages about chasing dreams, others felt the plot treaded familiar territory, especially when compared to other animated fare.

In terms of box office, the snail-paced racer made a decent showing. Turbo grossed approximately $282.5 million worldwide against a production budget of $127 million. While this might not qualify as blockbuster status, especially considering the promotional expenses not included in the production budget, it still demonstrates a substantial audience turnout.

Given the competition it faced from other animated heavyweights released around the same time, the figures are commendable.

Ryan Reynolds’s involvement was frequently highlighted during the movie’s promotional run, emphasizing his growing star power. His charming and humorous take on Turbo surely played a role in attracting audiences, both young and old, to theaters.

Ryan Reynolds Is Returning As Deadpool

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has enjoyed a dynamic and diverse career in Hollywood, showcasing his range from romantic comedies like Definitely, Maybe to action-packed hits such as the Deadpool series.

While he’s played many roles, it was his portrayal of the wise-cracking “Merc with a Mouth,” Deadpool, that truly solidified his status as a box office draw. The character’s cheeky humor, combined with Reynolds’s natural comedic timing, turned Deadpool and its sequel into massive successes.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will both head into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool 3

Now, the cinematic universe is buzzing with anticipation as it’s been confirmed that Reynolds will reprise his role as Deadpool, but with a twist! This time, he’s set to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). As if that’s not thrilling enough, Hugh Jackman is also reportedly making a comeback as Wolverine. 

Fans are beyond ecstatic at the prospect of these two iconic characters, both loved for their distinctive personas (and their hilarious on-screen and off-screen banter), finally coming together in the MCU. The chemistry between Reynolds and Jackman, both on-screen and off, has always been electric, so their return promises to be a treat for fans worldwide.

In the ever-expansive world of animation, Turbo stands out as a delightful speed bump, especially with Ryan Reynolds voicing the ambitious garden snail. The film blends humor, adventure, and the age-old lesson of chasing one’s dreams, no matter how unattainable they might seem. 

Whether you’re in for the adrenaline-fueled races or simply want to catch another charismatic performance by Reynolds before he dons the Deadpool suit once more in the MCU, Turbo on FreeVee is a pit stop worth making. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!