See Ryan Reynolds As A Jedi Master For New Star Wars Movie

AI-generated art gives us a look at Ryan Reynolds as a Jedi.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Star Wars fans may be in for an epic collaboration. Recently, a GFR exclusive reported on the potential for the Red Notice star to unite with director Shawn Levy to be a part of Disney’s next Star Wars film. While the details are still up in the air, fans can catch a glimpse at what the actor may look like as a Jedi in GFR’s Instagram post highlighting fan art depicting the possibility. 

Ryan Reynolds is known for keeping a tight schedule. While that has allowed the star to branch out into numerous franchises and take on a wide variety of roles, it can make booking some projects more challenging. One of his most recent films is Red Notice where he worked alongside stars like Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. 

The star has held a few well-known roles in the past, perhaps best known for playing Deadpool in both the 2016 and 2018 films. The star is one of the few people to have held roles in both Marvel and DC films. In 2021, he got the opportunity to work with Taika Waititi, who directed Thor: Love and Thunder, on Free Guy.

With his impressive resume, breaking into the Stars Wars universe would be easy for this multi-faceted talent. While nothing is yet set in stone, the actor has revealed that he would be open to taking a role in the franchise. 

Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy have a long history together that may help turn this into a reality. The two have worked together on numerous films including Free Guy and The Adam Project. Currently, they are collaborating to create the much-anticipated Deadpool 3

ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy (2021)

Ryan Reynolds may be just the thing the Star Wars franchise needs right now. After a relatively underwhelming box office performance by The Rise of Skywalker, Disney seems to have taken a step back from large theatrical releases of Star Wars films. Instead, Disney has been releasing Star Wars content in the form of television series on their streaming platform Disney+.

A star with a proven track record like Ryan Reynolds may be just what the franchise needs to reawaken interest in large installments in the Star Wars universe. In his career, Reynolds has amassed massive success from the release of high-profile movies, so if he signs on it is likely to be for a movie as opposed to a TV series. 

Ryan Reynolds fans have plenty to look forward to even if the star does not become a Star Wars Jedi. With Deadpool 3 already in the early stages of development, fans have a much-anticipated film to look forward to. The new installment is full of legendary talents including Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Leslie Uggams (Blind Al).

This highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe project is not expected to hit theaters until November 2024, so anxious Ryan Reynolds fans will have to be patient. Until then, we can enjoy Reynold in the live-action adaptation of A Christmas Carol called Spirited which just released in late 2022.