See Ryan Reynolds’ Redesigned Deadpool Suit, Said To Be His New MCU Look

Ryan Reynolds's classic Deadpool costume may be getting an update for the MCU.

By Mark McKee | Published

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to costume redesigns, from Captain America and Iron Man sporting new looks in virtually every film throughout the Infinity Saga to Bruce Banner evolving from Hulk to Smart Hulk; characters can be different film by film. Now, a new rumor has surfaced that after Deadpool spent two films in the same costume, his entrance into the MCU will see a character redesign. According to Moth Culture on Twitter, the character design for Deadpool’s newest costume has been leaked, showing a brand new look for Ryan Reynold’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ryan Reynolds has been one of the primary masterminds behind the rise of the walking comic book satire that is Deadpool for the first two films by Fox. While the character got a first film serving as an origin story to course correct the massive failure of the character in Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine spin-off, the second film dove into some of the character’s more profound history, all while keeping the character design virtually identical. If this post is to be believed, the new Deadpool design would see the classic red suit adding a black cover over the torso, upper arms, and legs. 

Whether or not the post should be believed is another story entirely, and the comments on the post tell viewers that they believe the news to be fake. Many comments accuse the account of posting fake news, admonishing them for posting something like this without any kind of source cited as proof of what they are claiming; others are asking why people still listen to the account and asking why it hasn’t been banned, whether this is normal trolling or this account has built a reputation is unclear from the post or the comments. One commenter provided something deeper to discuss surrounding the costumes in Deadpool 3, and it had nothing to do with the one Ryan Reynolds would wear. 

deadpool 3 ryan reynolds

Hugh Jackman spent 22 years appearing as the mutant with claws over at Fox in their X-Men Universe, and in all that time, he never once wore the classic black and yellow costume from the comics. As a matter of fact, the only reference to it at all was in the first movie in 2000, where Cyclops (James Marsden) made a sarcastic quip about yellow spandex; since then, fans have wondered if we would ever see Jackman suit up in the classic suit. While the suit is a little cheezy for the big screen and Jackman has portrayed the character mainly without any kind of costume, Ryan Reynolds is just the type to get it to happen. 

We are still a long way out from seeing Deadpool 3 on screen, and it is still early to discuss the costumes we will see in the film, but it is still fun to speculate. While it seems that Ryan Reynolds is a bit of a Deadpool purist and Hugh Jackman has always been content to wear leather jackets and t-shirts as his Wolverine, once they enter the MCU, all bets are off. We already saw them build up a decade-long wait to hear Chris Evans utter the words, “Avengers Assemble,” rebooting Deadpool’s costume and revealing the classic Wolverine look is right up their alley.