See Ryan Reynolds React To An Embarrassing Fan Question

Check out Ryan Reynolds answering a somewhat embarrassing question from a fan at a recent The Adam Project Q&A event.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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With The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds has another hit on his hands, something the actor has gotten more than a little used to over the course of his movie career, especially recently. And you would think that with all of his time in the spotlight that he’d answered every question out there, been thrown every curveball. But maybe not. During a fan Q&A about the movie, an honest but curious kid decided to ask something that many often wonder about, but few ever speak about. He wanted to know about a love scene during the movie. 

The kid grabbed the mic and just let it fly with a question for Ryan Reynolds about a particular scene in The Adam Project in which Ryan Reynolds’ Adam Reed winds up kissing Zoe Saldana’s, Laura Shane. The kid basically wants to know if that is a real kiss or if it is fake. Great question kid, something that young folks often wonder about as they come up through the years watching flicks. Is what is happening on the big screen the real thing or is it just put on by the actors? Ryan Reynolds gives a pretty great answer all things considered. Check it out

There you have it. Ryan Reynolds gives the perfect “I didn’t mean it?!” as he bashfully shrugs off the query. After a bit of stumbling, with the requisite jokes about Blake Lively (Reynolds’ wife) and her maybe being uncomfortable with the scene (all in jest), Reynolds lands on some middle ground around what actually happens on screen when it comes to actors in love scenes. Not “meaning it” is likely par for the course in this industry with a basic understanding that what’s happening on screen is part of the work. Plain and simple. And then, of course, he tells the kid to beat it. 

While The Adam Project isn’t going to break all-time Netflix records in terms of streaming numbers, it might come close. The back-from-the-future flick had amassed 92 million viewing hours in its first week on the streamer, putting it on a great pace. But it will have to do some work in order to catch another Ryan Reynolds flick that is the current record holder. That is Red Notice which also starred Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. It became the biggest hit for Netflix with 364 million viewing hours in its first 28 days. 

It’s been a pretty good calendar year for Ryan Reynolds all things considered. In addition to The Adam Project and Red Notice, he also had another blockbuster with the Shawn Levy-led Free Guy hitting theaters back in the summer. It amassed $331 million at the box office and already has a sequel in development. Plus, it was announced that he and Levy (who also directed The Adam Project) will team up one more time in what could be their biggest movie yet. That’s because it was announced Levy would direct Deadpool 3, that character’s first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

In all, Ryan Reynolds is a star’s star and from this answer to the kid’s question, you can see why. On a certain level, the dude just gets it.