Ryan Reynolds Has A Plan To Pay Women More?

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is beginning to have quite a bit of power and influence around the Marvel and Disney lot these days. That’s what happens when you move one of the most popular and financially viable superhero franchises under a new umbrella. You are going to bring with it a fair amount of decision-making opinions to the mix as well. That’s the case with Reynolds in the latest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman who is saying that Reynolds is working overtime to make sure female actresses are getting “fair and equal pay” when working on Deadpool 3. 

It’s not clear from this rumor who Ryan Reynolds is vying for specifically or what the dollar amounts would look like. I suppose that would have to do with the nature of the role. But it’s clear that equality in pay is at the forefront of his decision-making when it comes to the new movie. There have been very few rumors outside of initial production decisions this early with the film so there’s no specific actress being referenced with this rumor. But as they begin that part of the process apparently Reynolds wants to make sure all involved are treated equitably. 


This topic of equal and fair pay for female actresses in movies isn’t a new one even if Ryan Reynolds is just starting to advocate for the process. It had been reported that there could be as much as a 38% difference in what men are paid compared to females over recent years. The study admits possible issues around sample size, though there has been enough anecdotal evidence over the years to paint a picture of major discrepancies in pay across the industry. If stars and influencers like Reynolds who hold major control over a film 

The idea that Ryan Reynolds wants to advocate for better and equal pay for female co-stars follows other rumors lately that he’s become an integral part of the production process on this next Deadpool film. This will be the first one for the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the Disney merger with 20th Century Fox and it’s caused quite the stir about how this next flick will unfold. With the first two Deadpool movies falling decidedly in the R-rated designation and leaning into all parts of the gore, language, and humor, it wasn’t clear how this new one would fit in. Supposedly, Reynolds’ vision has won out and the flick will continue with the same level of, well, maturity there is talk of having two versions of the film as well. One would be PG-13 and one rated-R to cover their viewing and demographic bases.

ryan reynolds

As for Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 3 might not be the only film he ends up having major influence over going forward. In addition to essentially being the face of one of the biggest franchises out there, his dance card is about as full as it gets in Hollywood. He’s set to release Free Guy and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Plus there’s The Adam Project and he’s in a remake of Clue. Plus there’s a huge rumor recently that he might be working with Jim Carrey on a superhero musical. So the dude is only getting more popular (if that’s possible) and now he wants to influence studio decisions as well.