Ryan Reynolds Demanding More Nude Scenes?

By Doug Norrie | 3 weeks ago

Ryan Reynolds

When Ryan Reynolds finally debuts Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the expectations will be high around not only the movie itself, what kind of crazy stuff the actor and character will get up to. Based on the track record through the first two films, the bar is set pretty high (or low depending on how you think) for what kind of shenanigans might be making their way over to Disney. And apparently, Reynolds is looking to push the proverbial envelope here. According to We Got This Covered (via Daniel Richtman), the actor and star is pushing for a lot more nudity in this third movie, the first under the MCU umbrella. 

This is, of course, just a rumor about what Ryan Reynolds is vying for when he comes out with Deadpool 3. But there’s been a sense over the last many months that he and the studio might not be seeing 100% eye-to-eye on the tone and flavor of this next film. Could this be Reynolds trying to wrestle some more power his way when it comes to what will get into the final cut? Maybe. It also could be a trying to test the limits of what they can do with this film, the first one that will be R-rated in the Marvel Universe.

While the first two movies in the Deadpool franchise were R-rated through and through, nudity wasn’t a huge part of the proceedings. There was more than enough sexual innuendo to go around, covering that aspect of the mature theme category. But everyone basically kept their clothes on. If Ryan Reynolds is already shaking up the Marvel and Disney tree with Deadpool 3, why not just go all the way, so to speak. We might see someone (or many someones) bare it all. 

ryan reynolds deadpool heart

Again, this is only a rumor and we are still a long way off from getting any kind of sense for what Deadpool 3 has in store. The first two movies were under the 20th Century Fox umbrella and turned the superhero genre on its head with a mix of extreme violence, graphic language, and all kinds of other stuff that left no doubt about the R-rating. But when Disney purchased 20th Century, Deadpool was one of the properties that came over in the de​​al meaning Ryan Reynolds is set to ingratiate himself into an already established world. 

There was questioning early on about which direction Ryan Reynolds would be able to go under the watchful eye of the Mouse House. All Marvel movies, up until this point have been suitable for almost all audiences, happily showing on Disney+ for all age groups. But because the Deadpool movies were so incredibly successful (over $1.5 billion at the box office combined) there was a firm belief that they would have to stick with what worked already. 

I’m sure we will continue to hear more and more about what Ryan Reynolds has in store for Deadpool 3. And when it finally hits screens, rest assured, it will be much different than previous Marvel films. Possibly with a lot less clothing. In the meantime, we are about a month away from seeing Ryan Reynolds in another feature when Free Guy hits screens on August 13th.