Ryan Reynolds Teasing Mortal Kombat 2 Role?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is gearing up to reprise one of the best action heroes around on the big screen and has a ton of projects in the pipeline as well. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about him getting into other franchises as well. He’s just that big of a star with as much talent as anyone around. You could place him in anything and it would probably be a hit. That’s why folks started getting excited about the prospect of Reynolds possibly landing in the next Mortal Kombat movie. Could we be looking at the next Johnny Cage?

It’s not exactly a rumor, but Ryan Reynolds got things buzzing from his Twitter account when he shared a post that was essentially an advertisement for Mint Mobile. Sure, we’re talking cell phone plans here, but that’s not what people’s eyes were drawn to. No, instead it was Ryan Reynolds’ head superimposed on a well-known Mortal Kombat character’s head with the phrase “Finish ‘em!” there as well. Check it out: 

Now, does Ryan Reynolds putting himself in the mix as Johnny Cage in what amounts to be a silly tweet mean that he’s next in line to join that Mortal Kombat franchise as that character? Probably not. This can’t be looked at, for the time being, as anything more than just a little tongue-in-cheek playfulness. Right? Or could it be something more? The choice of characters is conspicuous and the timing is as well with Mortal Kombat just releasing the reboot this past week in theaters and HBO Max. In that way, and especially how the film ended, Reynolds posing as Cage here could have some fire with the proverbial smoke. 

The streaming numbers for Mortal Kombat aren’t out yet, but for a pandemic film, the box office numbers were more than encouraging seeing sales of $23 million domestically and also scoring 55% on Rotten Tomatoes which, for this type of film, is about all you could ask for. Plus we already know that there are sequels coming and that the storyline could be gearing up to include Johnny Cage in the future. So maybe all of this is actually lining up for a Ryan Reynolds reveal in the short-term. If we are being honest, who is more Johnny Cage than this guy? In terms of demeanor and look, this is practically a carbon copy of the character. 

ryan reynolds

And not only is Mortal Kombat coming back for more films in the franchise, but there have also been rumors of a Johnny Cage solo film in the future. That isn’t confirmed, but they are clearly planning on bringing in the character and giving him significant standing in the upcoming stories. If you are going to add an A-lister in the part who could have a lot of fun with the role, then Ryan Reynolds is the obvious choice. 

As for Ryan Reynolds, there’s plenty to come from this guy while waiting to hear something official on a Mortal Kombat role. He’s got Free Guy and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard both releasing this year. There are a number of other films in the works as well, though none more anticipated than Deadpool 3 which will introduce the character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a huge time for the actor who could add another major franchise to the mix.