Ryan Reynolds Taking A Specific Inspiration From Loki?

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

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Ryan Reynolds is going to end up taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm. That much seems abundantly clear with Deadpool prepping to make a very R-rated splash into the MCU sometime in the next couple of years. But details are still being worked out on just what will happen with the character. It looks like Reynolds wants to take a cue from another Marvel series with insider Daniel Richtman reporting that the Deadpool star wants to copy the Loki variants theme from the latter’s Disney+ series. 

While the specifics around this move aren’t totally clear from Richtman, it’s easy to see where Ryan Reynolds would want to go with this move for Deadpool. What character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would love more than to just have tons and tons of himself on the big screen than the Merc with the Mouth? And with Deadpool, considering the devil-may-care attitude (understatement) he has towards high-level decision-making, it’s easy to see that more than a few versions of the character could have gone completely off the rails in other timelines. 

If Ryan Reynolds is leaning into the variant idea taken from Loki, but more than present in other themes of the Multiverse, then we could be in for quite the treat in Deadpool 3 or other movies down the line. And if this was an idea they were playing with where the character is concerned, it would lend credence to other rumors out there like how Reynolds was thinking about taking on the Ghost Rider role as well. That’s strictly a rumor of course, but in this way of thinking, there could have been a timeline in which Wade Wilson/ Deadpool did become the demonic Hell-rider. 

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Of course, these are all just thoughts thrown out there around speculation with the next Deadpool movie. Ryan Reynolds hasn’t even officially stepped foot into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the first two movies in the franchise coming from 20th Century Fox before they were acquired by Disney. Moving the franchise under the Disney umbrella has brought up more than a few questions about whether the um, mature, tone could continue for Reynolds within this franchise. From early reporting and comments by Marvel head Kevin Feige, the plan, for now, is to stick with what worked for Deadpool. 

And with Ryan Reynolds looking to maybe come into conflict with himself, or even team up with other Deadpools, we could get something like Into the Spider-Verse but on a hilariously more chaotic level. If Reynolds is embodying the character of Deadpool more and more then it makes sense to think that the only way to really ramp up the action and the laughs is to put even more of himself on the big screen. 

This is all putting the cart before the pistols and katanas where Deadpool 3 is concerned. There’s still no official word on any timeline for the movie’s production, though Ryan Reynolds did throw out an Instagram post last week that suggested they might be getting things started sooner than later. Whether that’s the case or if he’s just gearing up for a first cameo remains to been seen. No matter which way they end up taking Deadpool in the MCU it’s going to be one of the bigger events this franchise has seen, which is really saying something.