See Ryan Reynolds As Hawkman

By Faith McKay | 5 months ago

ryan reynolds

We now know that Aldis Hodge will be playing Hawkman in the upcoming Black Adam film, but prior to that, there were questions about whether Ryan Reynolds might take up the role. Fan artist BossLogic from Instagram took that to the next level and drew Reynolds as Hawkman, both with and without the mask. Take a look. 

The caption reveals that the file name for this piece was “Bird Reynolds”. Ryan Reynolds would likely approve. While we have yet to see what Aldis Hodge will actually look like in the role, last week BossLogic gave us a look at what they imagine we could see. You’ll notice they used the same style of wings for the art, which is amazing. He’s got his mace in hand, and the third slide shows the Hawkman insignia.

Dwayne Johnson has been working on bringing Black Adam to the screen since 2014. In all that time, there’s been a lot to wonder about. What will the story be about? Will we see the Justice Society of America? How dark will Dwayne Johnson let the DC antihero go? And who would be joining him in the cast? Before Aldis Hodge was cast as Hawkman, there was talk that Ryan Reynolds might take the part. While the actor has a dodgy past with superhero movies prior to Deadpool, these days his career is in a solid place. He’s been working with Dwayne Johnson on the upcoming Netflix movie Red Notice. The possibilities were there, even if Hawkman is a far cry from the personas we’ve seen Ryan Reynolds playing lately.

While Ryan Reynolds isn’t in Black Adam, so far we’ve gotten several cast announcements. We know we’ll be seeing Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher and Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone as part of the Justice Society of America. BossLogic has done their part to draw renditions of what they all may look like in the roles while we wait for actual pictures of these actors in these roles to be released. 

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds actually has quite a few movies waiting to see release. Red Notice is coming to Netflix and they aren’t giving us an official release date, though it feels like we’ll be seeing the comedy/thriller soon. The next big movie to get excited about will be Free Guy. The action-adventure comedy was originally set to release in July 2020, then December 2020, and now it seems locked into a May 21, 2021 release date. The trailer shows Reynolds with his signature sense of humor and looks to be a fun time through a video game world. 

The list of other movies Ryan Reynolds has coming up is impressive. With the success of Deadpool, he has a lot of work lined up for himself, including projects like The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, The Adam Project, Blue, Christmas Carol, Everyday Parenting Tips, and of course, Deadpool 3

As for Black Adam, the film was originally set for a December 2021 release date, but has now been taken off DC’s upcoming schedule for the time being. For right now, filming is planned to start in the spring, which is plenty of time to plan a Ryan Reynolds cameo in this new superhero film.