Ryan Reynolds Has A Plan To Become Ghost Rider In The Strangest Way Possible?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds could be set to take over the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future, planting himself firmly in the franchise for years and years to come. Heck, with the amount of talk and rumors about the guy, it sure seems like he’s there already. The latest one is a bit odd but would maybe even further entrench him in the MCU. According to insider Daniel Richtman, Reynolds has his eyes set on playing Ghost Rider. But it wouldn’t be a full switch seeing as how he might want Deadpool to convert over to the flaming-headed spirit of vengeance. 

Now, this is for sure an odd one, though it makes I guess a little more sense when you know how much Ryan Reynolds loves motorcycles. And we’ve seen different comic book characters take on alternate personas throughout different timelines. Heck, it’s about to happen right now with Anthony Mackie’s Falcon becoming Captain America. But there is usually some precedent in the actual comic books for this kind of move, or someone “graduated” to a new character with another filling in the previous character. This possible Ryan Reynolds move would mean converting his Deadpool character whole cloth to Ghost Rider, skipping over at least the Johnny Blaze version some have expected. 

There is one example we could look at for Ryan Reynolds taking his Deadpool and making him Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The game Marvel Puzzle Quest did release a version later last year that featured a version of Deadpool who had become a Ghost Rider. This one drove a demonic taco truck in the game. The silliness and oddity around it do line up with what Ryan Reynolds has brought to the character over the years, it’s just to see happening on the big screen. 

Whether this was something Ryan Reynolds wants to actually see happen or whether he was just trail ballooning the idea remains to be seen. We do know that the MCU has had flexibility with their characters and who comes into the universe. The plan around Ghost Rider isn’t known right now except that there are plans to introduce him at some point. They haven’t chosen which version of the character they’d go with and no casting decisions have been made. Some rumors have him appearing in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, but that isn’t confirmed. If Ryan Reynolds didn’t see long-term viability in staying Deadpool within the MCU, maybe he sees this as a chance for a pivot. 

If Ryan Reynolds was able to get the studio to actually taken on Deadpool as Ghost Rider it would definitely mean a new direction for both characters. In the past, we’ve seen the Nic Cage version of Johnny Blaze on the big screen, though there’s no way the MCU takes that direction again. Then there was Gabriel Luna playing the Robbie Reyes version of the character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ghost Rider has been multiple people in the past and doesn’t even need to be confined to one character. 

ryan reynolds

Before something like this ever happened, which it probably won’t, there is still plenty to work out with Ryan Reynolds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite posting a picture of the Deadpool mask peeking out from a bag this morning, possibly signaling that there was news coming, not a ton is known about the next movie in the franchise. It will be his first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this latest rumor would seem like he has big dreams now that’s he’s here.