When And Where Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy Will Release Online Streaming

By Doug Norrie | 16 seconds ago

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Ryan Reynolds is a hitmaker plain and simple. The actor’s combination of devil-may-care attitude and relaxed yet humorous on-screen persona plays across multiple types of movies. It is just one of the reasons Free Guy, which was released two weeks ago, has been performing so well at theaters, an accomplishment for a non-franchise, original story we so rarely see these days. And the move has done so well that it makes sense folks would be looking to find out when we could first catch Free Guy streaming online. The studio had announced that the movie would have a relatively quick turnaround with us seeing Free Guy online as early as September. 

We will likely get Free Guy streaming on or around September 27th because that is when the 45-day embargo window is lifted after it was released on August 13th in theaters in the United States. But which platform it hits first is a little less clear. The movie was technically released by Disney which would make the first obvious choice Disney+ because of the studio overlap. But Ryan Reynolds originally began working on Free Guy for 20th Century Fox prior to that studio being acquired by Disney. That leaves an existing relationship with Warner Media meaning we could see the flick actually hit HBO Max first. That piece of seeing Free Guy online is a bit up in the air though Disney remains the likeliest choice. 

It stands to reasons that we see Free Guy streaming as a VOD offering on Disney+ Premiere Access and possibly Hulu Premium as well. That would be to begin offsetting whatever money the film possibly didn’t make at the box office thanks to pandemic-related concerns around seeing movies live and in theaters. But Free Guy has performed reasonably well at the box office so far, earning almost $116 million through less than two weeks in theaters. There was some drop-off in the second weekend (which was to be expected) though, the 34% dip according to Box Office Mojo was much better than other Disney offerings over the last year. In this way, Ryan Reynolds is still very much winning the day with this flick. 

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Free Guy follows Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a video game NPC who begins the movie blissfully unaware that the world around him is a frenetic mess of violence, shooting, robberies, and all other manners of chaos. It is an open-world game that Guy begins to realize is much more than what his original programming told him. He begins to level up through the game, almost Matrix-style and so begins an adventure to make sure the game, Free City, isn’t destroyed from the servers. For those that haven’t been able to see it, and will wait to get Free Guy streaming online, the flick is a mix of action, comedy, and family-friendly fun that puts Reynolds in the exact right spot in terms of his on-screen skill set. 

What folks will get with a Free Guy online offering is a flick that has performed well at the box office, but also took home solid scores from critics as well. It is sitting at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes through 237 reviews and 62 on Metacritic. The Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 94% is even better with the film hitting a cross-section of fans. There is good reason to suspect when we see Free Guy streaming that it is a hit there as well. In many ways, it is a friendly version of what Reynolds has done so well in his Deadpool franchise. 

The movie’s performance at the box office as well as a predicted solid performance for Free Guy online has the movie already lining up a sequel. Ryan Reynolds confirmed pretty quickly that Disney was in the process of gearing up for another story in this universe. And Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that things wouldn’t stop there. While we enjoy Free Guy streaming, know that the studio is already talking to Reynolds about a Free Guy 3. The original idea developed by Shaun Levy is already starting to spawn a major franchise, no surprise really considering that Ryan Reynolds is just so magnetic on the big screen. 

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It won’t be long now until we get Free Guy streaming online with no doubt the studio will want to turn things on to at-home viewers as close to the 45-day release date as possible. Look for it hitting, most likely, Disney+ around September 27th.