See Ryan Reynolds Get Roasted By His Evil Twin

Ryan Reynolds recently had a made announcement to make and he did it the best way possible- by getting roasted by his "twin brother."

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

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Not many are excited or are even mildly interested in the news of a company merging with another. But recently Ryan Reynolds’ company, Maximum Effort Marketing merged with another marketing company, MNTN (pronounced as Mountain) and he made sure that he disclosed the news in the most perfect way- in a video where he is interviewed and savagely roasted by his “twin brother,” Gordon. 

Ryan Reynolds got together with his fictional “twin brother” Gordon Reynolds in a short video where the latter grills the Deadpool star with many suggestive questions starting with teasing him for being one of the “important celebrities” who are the “last line of defense” during the pandemic.  Check it out:

The hilarious exchange then shifts to Gordon roasting Ryan Reynolds about having a profile on Raya, the elite celebrity dating app, and how Blake Lively took the revelation. He then went on to suggest that Reynolds’ marriage is nothing but a business arrangement, prompting the actor to retort that his “relationship is real, you f**k.” 

Gordon jumps to highlight the uncanny common factor between many films Ryan Reynolds has done in the past- they all are, in some way or other, stories about body-switching. Gordon calls Reynolds “The King of the Body Switching Movie” and lists out his films like Selfless, Boltneck, The Change Up, Detective Pikachu, Criminal, The Voices, R.I.P.D. as well as the video itself which according to him is an ad “masquerading as a tired as sh-t fake twin brother sketch.” 

The video then moves forward to the reason of its conception- the announcement that Ryan Reynolds had merged Maximum Effort Marketing with MNTN that very day. Gordon criticizes that Ryan Reynolds wants money all the time as just last year, the actor sold his alcohol company, Aviation American Gin, to industry giant Diageo and now, he has offered up his marketing company to a “volcano.” Reynolds hurried to explain that MNTN is an AdTech firm that is revolutionizing how ads are perceived and presented. 

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“Maximum Effort Marketing and Mountain are merging to make running TV ads simpler, smarter, and open to more companies,” he added.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared that Maximum Effort Marketing will continue operating as an agency with MNTN and Ryan Reynolds will be the latter’s chief creative officer. In a statement to the publication, Reynolds shared how much he is into marketing and how fulfilling the experience has been for him. And it was to ensure that Maximum Effort Marketing continues to grow even faster that he took the decision to merge with MNTN whose simple yet fast-growing innovative technology aiding advertisers to have better access to TV impressed him. 

Ryan Reynolds was recently seen in Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, currently up in theaters, opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek. It will soon be followed by Free Guy, a science fiction action comedy directed by Shawn Levy, releasing on August 13, 2021. Next up is the Netflix comedy-thriller, Red Notice, where we will see Reynolds as the world’s greatest con artist alongside Gal Gadot as the most-wanted art thief and Dwayne Johnson’s Rusty, the world’s best tracker. While its official release date is yet to be announced, it is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.