Ryan Reynolds Starring In An R-Rated Deadpool Series?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has taken a comic book character that seems to so closely match his off screen persona that’s almost like he was born to play the part. It’s why Deadpool has worked so well through the first couple of movies and also been able to flip the comic book movie landscape on its head. He’s entered a world that’s been mostly family-friendly up until this point. His movies well, aren’t. And now we could be getting even more versions of the character with Bubble Blabber reporting that Ryan Reynolds could be coming to an animated Deadpool show that would be geared to an older crowd, more in the Adult Swim variety of cartoons. 

This news of Ryan Reynolds leading an animated Deadpool was part of a larger announcement from Disney that they were in the midst of relaunching 20th Animation Television (they’ve conspicuously dropped the “Fox” from the original name) as a studio focused on bringing cartoon versions of a number of different characters. They already have a massive stable of iconic shows (The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc) but could be expanding into a broader market for the comic book characters in this space. This would include making animated versions of the characters which could mirror their live-action personas. In this way, we could be looking at a pretty graphic cartoon if Deadpool got himself an animated version. 

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

Before this cartoon works its way into development there is another Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie coming down the pike. The move for the character from 20th Century Fox to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so far, hasn’t been exactly smooth transition if recent rumors can be believed. That’s because there’s been some (possibly) ongoing disagreement about whether or not these flicks should remain decidedly R-rated or if they need to be neutered a bit for a Disney audience. Because the original movies happened in a different studio, they took on a tone that is completely different than anything we’ve seen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Having Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool move onto the Marvel/ Disney lot has meant exploring how Deadpool 3 will roll and whether the flick would keep its R-rating moving forward. It looks like that will be the case and will be the first Marvel movie with that designation. There have been some rumors that two versions of the flick will hit screens, one a PG-13 film for the younger crowd and the other rated-R for fans of the first two films. 

What comes of this animated version of Deadpool remains to be seen. There’s a good chance we see it happen considering the popularity of the character and what Ryan Reynolds has brought to the role. He would continue to voice the character obviously, something fans have become quite used to considering the current live-action version is, in many ways, already a major voice role. He is already taking almost full control of the character even over at Marvel and could even be directing a future film in the franchise. Deadpool without Ryan Reynolds is a non-starter at this point and an animated version with him voicing the character has a lot of upside. 

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