Ryan Reynolds Pushing To Make Deadpool Bisexual?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 3 weeks ago

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It is common knowledge that the Marvel character, Deadpool, is pansexual in the comics and yet when it comes to the character’s depiction on-screen, his sexual identity is only relegated through sexual innuendos and jokes. Ryan Reynolds has always been vocal about how he wants his character to be what he is in the comics and as per insider Daniel Richtman’s latest report, he is still pushing Kevin Feige to make Deadpool openly bi-sexual. 

If the report is indeed true and Ryan Reynolds is pushing Marvel Studios to make Deadpool bi-sexual, even then the character won’t be a proper representation of how he is depicted in the comics. As we mentioned, in the comics on which the movies are based, Deadpool is pansexual, so when it comes to choosing sexual partners his choices are not based on their gender or their respective gender identity. 

Since Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool entered the cinematic world, fans of the character have demanded a more precise adaptation that actually spells out his gender identity. Around the time Deadpool was undergoing production, the comic character’s creator, Fabian Nicieza was grilled by fans about pin-pointing Deadpool’s actual sexuality. But all Fabian could share was how Deadpool has “NO sex and ALL sexes” and is “the epitome of inclusive,” while insisting that the character can be anything from gay to heterosexual as it’s all valid. 

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In the past too, Ryan Reynolds has admitted that he wants to explore Deadpool’s sexuality in future films. During the Comic-Con in 2018, after Deadpool 2 released in May that year, Reynolds spoke at length about Deadpool and his alter-ego Wade Wilson’s pansexuality and the need for more gay or bi characters to be included in the films. He added that he too believes that even superhero films need “to represent and reflect the world in very real ways.” 

Till now all the Deadpool films have done in terms of being inclusive is including one gay side character, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who is happily involved in a relationship with another woman in Deadpool 2. But beyond that, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool has only been indirectly exhibiting his pansexuality. His sexual drive is through the roof and he flirts with everyone but in both films, the only person he actually gets intimate with is his girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). All we instead get are him uttering funny sexual innuendos and having soliloquies that are filled with homoerotic references. 

If Ryan Reynolds is really pushing for making Deadpool’s representation as bi, then we can only wish him good luck as the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t have the best record when it comes to including LGBTQ characters. To date, it has introduced dozens of heroes from the comics and more or less depicted their attributes and powers but when it comes to sexuality, they have conveniently let the subject drop.

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We have Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie who was supposed to be bisexual when she was introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, but the scene establishing her sexuality never made it to the theatrical cut. Comics creators of Loki have admitted on various occasions that he is genderfluid and pansexual. Reportedly, Ayo, T’Challa’s bodyguard in Captain America: Civil War was supposed to have a flirtatious scene with Okoye, but according to Vanity Fair, the scene was cut from the final version of Black Panther. So, if Ryan Reynolds is campaigning for a bi-sexual Deadpool, he is going to have his hands full with changing the ways in which Marvel Studios operate.