See Ryan Reynolds Coach His Younger Self In A Hilarious Commercial

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

ryan reynolds

If there is one thing Ryan Reynolds gets, beyond just how to be an amazing actor, is how to promote things. His almost devil-may-care attitude to everything he’s involved with is such a win on both the big and small screen, something he’s been able to cultivate into characters but also advertising bits as well. And he’s done a great job of cross-promoting, when need be, bringing his big-screen persona into smaller productions, like commercials. His latest promotion involves his upcoming movie The Adam Project while also giving a kid-friendly meal a little shout as well. 

In a recent Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial, we get Ryan Reynolds helping to coach Walker Scobell through how to promote the brand. The reason this plays is that in The Adam Project, Scobell plays the younger version of Reynolds with the latter coming back from the future to help the kid, or really help himself. In the commercial, Scobell is still technically playing Reynolds’ younger self, though he’s really having trouble delivering the lines as they were written by the Kraft marketing people. In almost true Reynolds fashion, the new lines have a snarky ad-lib to them that you can just picture a “real” Ryan Reynolds saying as a kid. Check it out:

This totally plays and even gets a near laugh-out-loud moment at a couple of different points. Claiming that a kid should stop loving his parents if they don’t buy Mac & Cheese is easy to see Reynolds saying as a kid. And then when the actual Ryan Reynolds “coaches” Scobell about how time is money, you do get a sense that the mentorship is all about the bottom line. It’s a great spot, and works perfectly in what The Adam Project is actually doing as its core story. It’s just another example of Reynolds getting the larger implications of brand marketing and placement, something he’s done a phenomenal job with throughout his career. 

The Adam Project will star Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed, a dude who has come back from the future to help his younger self, played by Scobell. The two are working to undo the prospect of time travel while also reuniting with their father. And it’s clear that Reed is trying to outrun a group who is out to get him, trying to halt that plan. The film is directed by Shawn Levy with he and Reynolds teaming up yet again after the success of Free Guy from last summer. They clearly have the ability to bring along new IP for family-friendly action fare. This isn’t an easy lift in the current movie environment, but Levy and Reynolds can definitely pull it off. 

In addition to Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell, The Adam Project includes a number of other notables as well. Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Catherine Keener are all part of the cast. It will hit Netflix on March 11th and could be another massive performer for the streamer. This would be another hit for Ryan Reynolds there after last fall’s Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot became the most-watched movie in the history of the platform for its first 28-day window.