Ryan Reynolds Honors Betty White With Emotional Tribute

By James Brizuela | 7 seconds ago

betty white ryan reynolds

The outpouring of tributes to television icon Betty White has taken over the internet and all manner of social media pages. There are fewer people in the world who are as big of a fan as Ryan Reynolds is with Betty White and The Golden Girls. So much so that he reportedly paid $10,000 out of pocket to wear a Bea Arthur shirt in Deadpool. Reynolds took to Twitter and Instagram to pen a short but very sweet dedication to the woman who was truly groundbreaking in every facet of life.

Betty White sadly passed away at age 99, just a short few weeks from her 100th birthday. She had plans for a massive party in honor of her reaching the century mark, but didn’t make it. Everyone in showbusiness thought Betty would live forever, and that was the sad nature of her passing early. Ryan Reynolds summed it up in a great way when he said “She managed to grow old, and somehow, not old enough.” That is certainly true, as no one wanted the hilarious and incomparable Betty White to pass away. Her legendary status will continue on.

The above picture was taken from a promotional effort that Ryan Reynolds put together for Deadpool. Of course, he had to have Betty White involved, as anything she touched turned to gold. Her hilarity was second to none. Reynolds knew this fact more than anyone else. He said it best in his tweet, “she was great at defying expectation.” That is certainly true from the countless stories and videos of her online, where she would truly control the room with her lightning-quick wit. From hosting WWE to playing Eric’s grandma on That 70’s Show, and her countless appearances in films and TV, White was perfect in all that she was involved in.

Ryan Reynolds is set to appear in Betty White’s celebratory documentary special, Betty White: 100 Years Young – A Birthday Celebration. The special was set to coincide with her 100th birthday, which will be sadly missed. However, the documentary special will go ahead as planned. If there is one thing the world needs right now, it’s a chance to look back at the sheer impact that White had on the world. The documentary will feature friends of White, who will share stories of her legendary career. Of that, I am sure there is plenty to go around.

Betty White never allowed herself to be summed up, placed in a box, or pushed around. She reportedly once wrote herself into a play in high school just because she wasn’t given a part in the said play. Betty White fought every step of the way and became the “First Lady” of television, becoming the first woman to ever have full creative control of her own TV show. Ryan Reynolds knew how special she was as did the rest of the world. His tribute was short and sweet because it didn’t need to be anything but. White will always remain one of the funniest women on the planet, and she did that by just being herself. Rest in peace, Betty White.