See Ryan Gosling Transforming Into The Wolfman

Are we ready to see Ryan Gosling finally take on the Dark Universe?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Ryan Gosling

Shortly after The Invisible Man’s success in early 2020, we got news that Ryan Gosling would be starring in Wolfman. The Dark Universe was set to rise again! With slowdowns in Hollywood due to pandemic lockdowns, news about Wolfman got harder to come by. While the movie is still in preproduction and everything indicates it will eventually happen, fans are hungry to finally get a look at Ryan Gosling in the role. This is a stretch from anything we’ve seen him in before. After the highly original The Invisible Man, what will they do with Wolfman? Well, one impatient fan has taken matter into their own hands. Check out your first look at Gosling as Wolfman in this deepfake.

Deepfakes are typically fan-created videos. They use footage of one actor, change it out to appear as another actor’s likeness, and voila! We have a fan generated trailer for Ryan Gosling’s Wolfman. In this case, they used footage from 2010s The Wolfman. That movie starred Benicio Del Toro and a young Emily Blunt. You may also note that the deepfake trailer says 2022 for the Wolfman reboot. While that may not be far off from when we see the movie, at this point, we do not have solid news on a release date.

What we do know is that Ryan Gosling is in the lead role. We also know that director and screenwriter Leigh Whannell has taken on the project. This is fairly big news, since Whannell was the writer and director for The Invisible Man. That movie, starring Elizabeth Moss, was definitely different. Universal Studios has previously attempted to resurrect the Dark Universe. This is considered the first cinematic universe, with stories for Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Invisible Woman. Universal has tried to bring this universe back with movies like Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, to no avail. It was a surprise to many when The Invisible Man did so well.

The story was a lot quieter than you might expect. The special effects weren’t the main draw. Elizabeth Moss, who has played in many low-key indie films and established herself as a talented actress, was a natural fit for the part. Ryan Gosling has also gone for many indie projects. Can we expect the Wolfman reboot to have a tone more in line with The Invisible Man? What will that be like for a werewolf story? The studio hasn’t told us much yet about their plans for handling the story itself. Their official description simply reads, “A man becomes afflicted by an ancient curse after he is bitten by a werewolf.” Nothing unexpected there, but like with The Invisible Man, it may be hard to know what to expect until we see it.

Gosling Takes on Wolfman

While the deepfake we see here using footage from the 2010 movie offers audiences a consideration for how Ryan Gosling might transform on screen, it’s still hard to imagine just how director Whannell will handle it. Hard to imagine, but definitely captivating. Fans of the Dark Universe, The Invisible Man, Gosling, and werewolf stories at large are all excited to see what they’ll eventually do with this opportunity.