Ryan Gosling Has One Of Netflix’s Most Popular Movies

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love

The 2011 hit Crazy, Stupid, Love has just debuted on Netflix in the USA and audiences are excited, at the film is currently the fifth most-popular title in the country. This romantic dramedy boasts an impressive cast that includes Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon. But one of Crazy, Stupid, Love‘s standout performances comes from Ryan Gosling, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role. 

Ryan Gosling plays Jacob Palmer, a proud womanizer who goes to expensive bars, flirts, and never goes home alone. One night while he is out, he sees Steve Carell’s Cal Weaver crying and whining at the bar. His wife (Julianne Moore) has cheated on him, And now Cal is a wreck. Taking pity on the man, Jacob decides to become Cal’s coach for picking up women for one-night stands. Jacob takes Cal shopping, teaches him how to dress, how to talk to women with confidence, and makes a lot of broad statements about what it means to be a man. 

Meanwhile, Jacob meets Hannah (Emma Stone), who tells him off and calls him out on his game. This, of course, makes Jacob even more interested and determined to win over this new woman in his life. While Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are well-known for their roles opposite each other in La La Land, their first movie to showcase their chemistry was Crazy, Stupid, Love. One of the most iconic scenes from the movie features the pair recreating the big lift from Dirty Dancing, which Jacob says is his big move in winning over women. Apparently, they had to use a double for Emma Stone in this scene because the jump terrified her. The scene is well-remembered not only because of the classic reference but because Emma Stone becomes awkward and adorable after Ryan Gosling goes shirtless.

Ryan Gosling Emma Stone Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a movie with multiple interwoven storylines. When the stories come together, all the various stories being told in Crazy, Stupid, Love start to make even more sense and these characters and their relationships become even more intricate than originally thought.

When the movie came out in 2011, it did quite well at the box office, and with audiences and critics. The movie earned $145 million worldwide. The New York Times called it “remarkably sane and reasonably smart.” Today, Crazy, Stupid, Love holds a 7.4 rating on IMDB and 79% on Rotten Tomatoes.

While there are a lot of great actors in this story, Ryan Gosling manages to standout. Crazy, Stupid, Love may not often be considered his best movie, but even a decade later it still manages to make some lists of his best performances. In the decade since Crazy, Stupid, Love hit theaters, Ryan Gosling has starred in The Big Short, The Nice Guys, La La Land, and Blade Runner 2049. Before Crazy, Stupid, Love, Gosling had made a name for himself in films like The Notebook, Blue Valentine and Half Nelson.

Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love

In fact, the same year that Ryan Gosling was nominated for a Golden Globe for Crazy, Stupid, Love, he was also nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his performance in George Clooney’s The Ides of March. After four previous nominations, Gosling finally won his Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion-Picture – Musical or Comedy for his role in La La Land.

Today, Ryan Gosling has a few big productions in the works. It was recently announced that he’ll be starring in The Actor, in which Gosling playing an actor with amnesia. He’s also going to be playing the title character in Wolfman, and while there were discussions that Gosling might also direct the film, he will instead be directed by The Invisible Man‘s Leigh Whannell. Finally, Gosling is currently filming The Gray Man for Netflix from Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo. In The Gray Man, Gosling will play a CIA operative whose agency turns their back on him, and send another operative – played by Chris Evans – to hunt him down.

While the next few years look to be quite promising for fans of Ryan Gosling, they can bide their time rewatching Crazy, Stupid, Love, which is currently streaming on Netflix in the United States.

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