Russell Crowe Is Teaming Up With Another Hemsworth Brother For Land Of Bad

By Douglas Helm | 1 week ago

russell crowe

After teaming up with Chris Hemsworth for a major blockbuster, it looks like Russell Crowe has a project with Chris’ brother Liam Hemsworth in the works as well. The two are set to co-star in the action film Land of Bad together.

Russell Crowe will be playing a character called Reaper in Land of Bad. Reaper is a drone pilot in the Air Force who has 48 hours to conduct rescue operations in the South Phillippines after his mission goes horribly wrong. Liam Hemsworth will be playing a rookie air controller who gets mixed up in the extraction. The movie is written by David Frigerio and Will Eubank, with Eubank also taking on directing duties.

Russell Crowe is no stranger to working with members of the Hemsworth family at this point. He is playing a role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder which of course, stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Russell Crowe will herald the addition of the Greek Pantheon to the MCU, as he’ll be playing Zeus. After spending so much time with the Norse gods like Thor, Loki, and Odin, it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel handles gods that are arguably more well-known (at least before the MCU brought Thor to the mainstream). Thor: Love and Thunder will also star Natalie Portman, Chris Pratt, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale, and more. Taika Waititi continues directing duties after the wildly successful Thor: Ragnarok.

liam hemsworth killerman
Liam Hemsworth in Killerman (2019)

Clearly, Russell Crowe doesn’t mind working with these fellow Aussie actors, as his film Poker Face is also set to hit theaters this year. Poker Face also stars Liam Hemsworth, alongside Elsa Pataky, Jacqueline McKenzie, RZA, and more. Poker Face features Crowe as Jake, a tech billionaire who organizes a high-stakes game of poker for his friends. Jake’s plans of manipulation go awry when a home invader takes over his mansion. Crowe is also the director for Poker Face. Maybe this initial team-up with Liam Hemsworth was a good enough experience for them to team up again for Land of Bad.

In addition to the new Thor sequel and Poker Face, we should get to see Russell Crowe in two more movies before the year is over with The Greatest Beer Run Ever and The Georgetown Project. Crowe is co-starring in The Greatest Beer Run Ever, which tells the story of a man leaving New York to bring beer to his childhood friends while they’re away fighting in the Vietnam War. The Greatest Beer Run Ever is directed by Peter Farrelly and also stars Kyle Allen, Zac Efron, Bill Murray, Archie Renaux, and more. The Georgetown Project tells the story of an actor falling apart while shooting a horror film. His daughter delves deeper to find out if it’s due to his addictions or something more supernatural causing his issues. Sam Worthington, Ryan Simpkins, David Hyde Pierce, and Samantha Mathis also star.

In short, the rest of 2022 looks like it’s going to be packed with Russell Crowe projects. Fans of the actor have a lot to look forward to. Make sure to check him out in these upcoming projects and stay tuned for more info on Land of Bad.