Ruby Rose Responds To Having Her Batwoman Character Recast

By Jason Collins | 3 months ago

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is officially no longer a Batwoman, according to the Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries. Everyone’s favorite lady-baddie no longer plays the show’s lead role, with Wallis Day taking over the part of naturally confident and flirtatious Kate Kane. Ruby Rose, not wanting to “stay short,” responds to having her Batwoman character recast.

“I’m sorry I didn’t congratulate @wallisday yesterday. I knew about the casting beforehand and didn’t know when it aired so I forgot to. But I’m stoked for her,” Ruby Rose commented on Instagram, in response to a photo-tribute of her interpretation of Batwoman.

Rose witnessed all the tribute art posted online, with fans feeling sad and wondering how she feels. “I feel great I have nothing but good vibes,” said Ruby Rose, in closing words on her Instagram comment. Though fans are still sad about her departure from the Batwoman TV show, some are confused as to why the role of Kate Kane was recast.


On the other hand, Ruby Rose was open about her departure from the series after season one, ever since she announced it, in May last year. Rose openly shared her reasons for leaving, with the two most significant factors being her back injury and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. She shared all the hardships of playing a leading role, which, in her case, only felt more difficult due to her ongoing recovery from back surgery.

Rose herniated two discs doing on-set stunts in 2019. Her on-set injury came close to severing her spinal cord, leaving Rose with chronic pain and a loss of feeling in her arms. It prompted her to undergo surgery in September 2019 in the face of possible paralysis. However, only ten days after the procedure, Ruby Rose went back to work, opposing the one-to-three-month recovery period that doctors recommend to patients recovering from spinal surgery. She later admitted that her return to work after such a short time wasn’t the best idea.

Still, Ruby’s back injury and recovery weren’t the only things that factored in her leaving the show. In one of the interviews, Ruby Rose stated that the quarantine gave her time to reflect and reexamine her career. After her exit from the show, Kate Kane’s character was written off and presumed dead following a plane crash. The unresolved question may have contributed to the lower ratings during season two.

Javicia Leslie Batwoman

Actress Javaica Leslie took the mantle of Batwoman, acting the role of Ryan Wilder, a homeless 25-year-old who stumbles upon Kate’s Batsuit and fills the Batwoman’s now empty shoes for the second season. However, in the latest, penultimate episode of season two, Kate Kane resurfaces with a face full of bandages, conveniently setting the stage for a new face behind the role.

Ruby Rose officially left the (Batwoman) building. After a recovery period, she appears in SAS: Red Notice, the upcoming Vanquish, and The Legitimate Wiseguy, which is still in its pre-production phase. As for her replacement, Rose stated that she’s stoked for Wallis Day replacing her as Kate Kane. But will Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) from Krypton manage as Gotham’s new Batwoman? We’ll have to wait for season three of Batwoman to find out.