Ruby Rose Revealed More Names Involved In Alleged Abuse While Working On Batwoman

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

ruby rose

If Ruby Rose is going down, it looks like she’s taking the whole damn thing with her. The embattled actress and former Batwoman star has taken to social media over the last week or so to levy a number of different complaints and allegations related to her one season on the series. And she’s adding some more fuel to the fire. On Sunday, Rose posted screenshots of email exchanges she had with her manager regarding the top creatives and producers for the show during her time there. They outline problems she was having on the set. In this one, she continues to name names and made the communications public through an Instagram story on the platform. 

Ruby Rose posted a number of screenshots on Instagram that outline concerns she had while working on Batwoman. The issues appear wide-ranging having to do not only with physical safety on the set but also the atmosphere, conditions, and timing around appearances and stunts the actress was meant to perform. Rose had reported that she had had back surgery while filming, a result of a stunt on the show, and had returned to work filming relatively shortly afterward. 

The emails sent by Ruby Rose were posted, apparently, in response to the ongoing feud over why the actress ultimately left the show after just one season. The emails come from the account Ruby Langenheim (Rose’s real name) and are to her manager Carol Bodie. Dating back to December of 2020, there are emails in which Rose is considering leaving the show following back surgery and says that she isn’t interested in discussing anything with showrunner Caroline Dries at the time. Here is one example of what she sent to her manager:

Additionally, during this string of Instagram story posts, Ruby Rose levies allegations against Dries for what Rose sees as the producer “monetizing gays” on the series. This was apparently in response to Rose wanting to publicly support the LGBT movement with Dries going against that and wanting to interweave that into the narrative of the show. Again, these are all allegations by Rose and not necessarily supported through this email dump on Instagram. 

Finally, Ruby Rose did respond, in some ways, to co-star Camrus Johnson coming out last week to basically say that Rose was fired from the show. He was jumping in in apparent defense of the production (others have weighed in here) deciding to move on from the actress after one season, replacing her with Ryan Wilder in the lead role. Rose posted pictures of an email exchange between her and Johnson in which the latter is backing her up when Rose did not want to do photoshoots in the costume following her surgery. 

This is still a developing situation that doesn’t look like it will resolve anytime soon. With Ruby Rose clearly feeling like she was wronged in this situation, citing a number of alleged workplace infractions on the part of the production. Those still involved with the show clearly see it differently and have said she exited the show because of what amounted to an untenable working relationship. It will be interesting to see how Warner Bros. responds to these most recent postings by Ruby Rose.