See Why Rosie Perez Is Fed Up With Woody Harrelson And Wesley Snipes

By Dan Lawrence | 3 weeks ago

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The Oscars give Hollywood’s best the chance to celebrate and show the best side of themselves (in most cases). One of the best chances for stars to shine is when presenting awards, an honor which was bestowed upon Rosie Perez and her White Men Can’t Jump co-stars, Woody Harrelson, and Wesley Snipes. However, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, thanks to her co-stars, Rosie Perez had her moment in the limelight screwed up.

Rosie Perez said how she was rather disgruntled with her co-stars whilst chatting with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Noah mentioned how the moment the trio’s reunion to present the award for Best Cinematography, marking the 30th anniversary of their film White Men Can’t Jump in the process, was one of his favorites of this year’s Oscars celebration. The trio joked around playfully, with Woody Harrelson even alluding to the fact that he was high. This may have seemed a joke, but Perez told Trevor Noah that it certainly wasn’t, as you can see in the video below.

As one can see in the video, according to Rosie Perez, Harrelson and Snipes had the simple task of holding her train back temporarily, to let it flow naturally behind her as she walked on stage. However, both Snipes and Harrelson simply held her train aloft the entire walk across the stage, laughing away as they did. As Perez bluntly put it to Trevor Noah: “they were high off their a****.” However, as fed up as Perez may be that her Oscars moment was overshadowed by some tomfoolery, her candor on The Daily Show clearly indicates that she has taken the moment in good jest.

Rosie Perez is currently starring in HBO’s The Flight Attendant, which has just taken off on its second season, with Kaley Cuoco reprising her lead role as a flight attendant & now part-time CIA operative Cassie. Perez stars as fellow flight attendant Megan Briscoe. Comic book movie fans will recognize Perez as hard-nosed cop Renee Montoya in Birds of Prey. However, one of Rosie Perez’s most recognizable roles is that of Gloria Clemente in White Men Can’t Jump. Gloria is the girlfriend of Woody Harrelson’s character Billy, who teams up with fellow street basketballer Sydney (Wesley Snipes) to win money in a tournament to pay a debt to a mobster. The film hit cinemas way back in 1992, and Perez followed it up a year later with an Oscar Nominated performance in the film Fearless, which starred Jeff Bridges as a man adapting to life following a major plane crash that drastically alters his personality. Perez stars as Carlo Rodrigo, a woman suffering survivor’s guilt from the same incident. 

Whilst Rosie Perez was upstaged by her White Men Can’t Jump co-stars, now comes the time that all three could potentially be upstaged, as what seems like par for the course in Hollywood, the 30-year-old movie is getting the reboot treatment, much to the displeasure of the original’s fans. Rapper Jack Harlow is set to take center stage with Sinqua Walls filling Wesley Snipes’ shoes. Time will tell who will take Rosie Perez’s place in the reboot.