Rosario Dawson Confirms Our Jon Bernthal Punisher Scoop

It looks like Rosario Dawson just said that a The Punisher series with Jon Bernthal is in the works, confirming the Giant Freakin Robot scoop

By Doug Norrie | Published

rosario dawson jon bernthal

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe headed to Phase 6 (and beyond), we are getting more and more word about the characters coming into the mix, some that we’ve seen already before on the small screen. The Netflix crew appears to slowly be making its way into these MCU stories and it looks like there are going to be more on the way. Confirming a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive about this development, Rosario Dawson talked this past weekend about the prospect of a Punisher series coming to Marvel with her and Jon Bernthal getting back into their roles from Netflix’s group of characters. It looks like it’s happening and we are here for it.

Rosario Dawson was at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (via MovieWeb) and was speaking about her Claire Temple character from Daredevil and other series in the Defenders Universe on Netflix. A video shared on Twitter of the appearance has Dawson basically saying that she just found out The Punisher reboot series was happening and that she was excited about the prospect. Dawson mentions that The Punisher was the only Netflix Marvel series she wasn’t part of and that she loves Jon Bernthal. Check out what she had to say about The Punisher series and see how this confirms our original exclusive that the show is in the works.

Again, it’s worth noting here that Rosario Dawson doesn’t confirm that she is in The Punisher series but just that it apparently is in the works and that she would presumably like to take part in it if possible. She mentions that this series on Netflix was the only one her Claire Temple character didn’t have a role in. She was first introduced in Daredevil with Charlie Cox and then went on to have parts in Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and ultimately The Defenders. It would make sense that she make her way back into the MCU seeing as how things are going. 

Though Rosario Dawson wasn’t in it, The Punisher with Jon Bernthal lasted two seasons on Netflix and continued the story of his version of Frank Castle who was introduced in the second season of Daredevil. It’s unclear where this The Punisher reboot would pick up with the story, or if they would reset things some for the character. Marvel has seemed to mostly want to keep the continuity of the original Netflix series and characters even if they haven’t made all that much mention of what’s come before. It’s an interesting needle to thread, but essentially just having these folks as part of the story without revisiting the origins appears to be the way they are going. 

Before we get Jon Bernthal or Rosario Dawson back in the Marvel mix, we will get some more of the Netflix characters sooner than later. We’ve already seen Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/ Kingpin in Hawkeye. Both will be back in the Echo series and then, of course, will clash in Daredevil: Born Again which was announced at Comic-Con.