See Rosario Dawson Welcome Fan-Favorite Star Wars Characters To Ahsoka Series

Rosario Dawson appeared at the Star Wars Celebration and brought along a huge slate of live-action debuts for the Ahsoka series.

By James Brizuela | Published

rosario dawson

Star Wars Celebration is going on this weekend, and a ton of news has already broken through. There has been no shortage of announcements from a new Star Wars: Fallen Jedi game announcement to Harrison Ford surprising everyone with a first look at Indiana Jones 5. Naturally, Disney and Lucasfilm revealed a ton of new content making its way to Disney+ and beyond. One of those announcements came from Rosario Dawson popping up and surprising fans with some huge live-action debuts for the Ahsoka series. Some of the biggest fan-favorite Star Wars characters are now going to be joining her in the Disney+ series. You can see those announcements below:

Rosario Dawson appeared on stage to the massive crowd at the Star Wars Celebration and brought along a huge friend. The fan-favorite droid, Chopper, is going to be making its live-action debut in the Ahsoka series. Chopper was made famous in Star Wars: Rebels, as a rough and tumble droid that had the same level of battle ability and snarky responses as R2-D2, has had. That was not the only reveal that Dawson brought with her. You can see the further announcement below:

On top of bringing out Chopper to the wild and excited fans at the convention, Rosario Dawson also announced that Natasha Liu Bordizzo would be appearing in the Ahsoka series as the live-action version of Sabine Wren. The crowd understandably went wild for this announcement as well. Sabine Wren is a female Mandalorian warrior who also become a huge favorite character in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series.

That is not all, the first look at the Ahsoka series that fans were treated to contained teases at two more characters joining the Disney+ series. Those are Ezra Bridger and Hera Syndulla. Chopper is the loyal compatriot to Syndulla and pilots the freighter known as Ghost. Ezra Bridger is a Jedi from Star Wars: Rebels who became massively popular from that series.

It’s hard to get through all the announcements that have happened throughout the weekend, as they have been numerous in nature. However, Rosario Dawson brought along a huge amount of excitement for her Ahsoka series. There was already a huge amount attached to it after she made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian, but now we are going to see how all these characters interact with one another in a live-action format. The Star Wars universe is starting to shape into an even bigger entity now that characters of the old trilogy and new continuity are starting to blend.

The Ahsoka series is currently filming, so we are likely not to see it debut until possibly Q2 of 2023. It has already been confirmed by Rosario Dawson that the series will debut in 2023, but there wasn’t a given month for the series’ debut. Based on the filming, the hope is that we are able to see the show sooner rather than later. However, having to wait until Q2 of 2023 might not be too bad. The Mandalorian Season 3 is coming in February of 2023, so we might see both that and Ahsoka happening at the same time.