Exclusive: X-Men’s Rogue Getting A Solo Spinoff From Marvel

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

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Rogue has played an incredibly important role in the history of the X-Men. Even if you didn’t examine her storied comic book history, she was one of the perspective characters in the very first X-Men feature film. Her prominence in the X-Men is unquestionable and it is almost certain that she would be popping up once the mutants begin to make their appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, we have a new report that says she could be getting a shot in the spotlight.

Our trusted inside source has told us that Marvel Studios is working on a project called Marvel’s Rogue. This is extremely similar to the same report we received about Marvel developing a project around Storm. It sounds like Marvel is approaching their influx of mutant characters with the idea that some could headline their own projects. Much like the Marvel’s Storm report, it is unclear whether this project is intended to be a feature film or a streaming series. If we were putting a wager on it, we would bet on this possibly being a series for Disney+.

It certainly seems like Marvel Studios wants to give one of the prominent female mutants their own solo project. Rogue and Storm make a lot of sense to consider since they are fan-favorite characters. Plus, they have a lot of backstories that could be developed in a movie or streaming series. While we did get to see Marie D’Ancanto’s life before her powers manifested, we never got to delve too deep into her personal life after she ran away and ended up at Charles Xavier’s academy. A solo series could flesh her character out even more.

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And one of the big things fans would love to see from Marvel’s Rogue is the introduction of the mutant Gambit. He was briefly seen in the rightfully derided X-Men Origins: Wolverine but has not made an appearance in the feature films since then. Rogue and Gambit have one of the most fascinating and beloved romantic relationships in all of Marvel comics. It is the kind of relationship that might be given the short shrift in a feature film, but could definitely be properly developed over the course of a series. If that is something being considered for this solo project, it is a great idea.

In fact, these reports about Marvel’s Storm and Marvel’s Rogue seem to indicate a smart strategy for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to the X-Men. Much like they did with The Avengers, Marvel Studios can create solo projects for certain high-profile mutants and build towards a unifying X-Men project. Instead of Nick Fury showing up in a post-credits scene to recruit a hero to the Avengers, the ending of these X-Men projects can have Charles Xavier popping out of the shadows. It seems to write itself!

We will have to wait and see if Marvel decides to fully pull the trigger on Marvel’s Rogue. These projects are clearly in their earliest stages of development – they could very well be little more than ideas thrown across a meeting table that got some interest – and we will make sure to report anything else we hear.