Robert Rodriguez Set To Direct A Reimagining Of His Best Film

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

robert rodriguez

Famed director, Robert Rodriguez, is set to write and direct a reimagining of one of his best films. Though the man is known for gory entries like El Mariachi, Desperado, and From Dusk till Dawn, he turned a new leaf when he created the Spy Kids franchise. The original film came out 21 years ago, and now Rodriguez is set to return to the family-friendly entry for a brand-new Netflix film. Skydance and Spyglass are set to partner in producing the film, as Spyglass currently owns the rights to the Spy Kids franchise. While the franchise held a reoccurring cast throughout all four of the films, this new iteration will welcome a new family of spies.

Spy Kids was released in 2011 and followed the lives of the Cortez family. When Gregorio and Ingrid are taken hostage by a high-tech supervillain, their children must step in to save the day. They find out that their parents are spies after they are staying with their uncle, Felix, who divulges about their parent’s past. The kids then set off and take on the role of spies to save their parents. The original film spawned a rather successful film franchise that birthed three sequels. The last entry for Spy Kids was that of Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, which was released in 2011. Now Robert Rodriguez is going to be writing and directing a complete reimagining of the popular franchise. The cast that was a part of all four films included Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alan Cumming, Cheech Marin, Danny Trejo, Tony Shalhoub, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Emily Osment, and Matt O’Leary. However, there is no telling if Rodriguez is going to plan to bring any of them back.

spy kids robert rodriguez

The new film will be premiered exclusively on Netflix, as is the usual custom for films these days, as streaming platforms are getting into the blockbuster film game by buying up properties that they know will do well. Through all four of the Spy Kids films, the franchise brought in over $535 million worldwide. The original film is also the highest-rated, as it still holds a critic rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. While Robert Rodriguez is busy with other ventures currently, it is good to see him returning to one of his favorite entries. His more recent films are Hypnotic, which is an action-thriller film with Ben Affleck and Alice Braga starring. He is also set to direct a brand-new contemporary Zorro series. This new Zorro series is also a reimagining of sorts, as it will showcase a female lead in the role of Zorro.

Robert Rodriguez is certainly a busy man, and apart from the above-mentioned projects, he is also working on a new Machete film. Though it may not seem as if he has the time, the Spy Kids film will likely be worked on in the coming months. At the very least, we will be treated to the casting announcements for this brand-new spy family. The hope is that the series’ regulars will also appear at some point or another. Cameos are a big part of franchises these days.