Robert Pattinson And Henry Cavill In A Batman/Superman Team-Up Movie

Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill could be teaming up as Batman and Superman.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Robert Pattinson is about to make his mark on the ever-expanding legacy of Batman actors. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is possibly heading back into his blue and red tights for another go as Superman. And if a new scoop is on the money, we could be seeing both of these actors meeting face-to-face in a team-up film that would change the face of the DC cinematic universe forever.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has learned that AT&T, the parent company of Warner Bros., is pushing for a team-up film that would bring together Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill as their iterations of Batman and Superman. Adding some serious fuel to this fire is that Dwayne Johnson, who will be appearing as Black Adam in an upcoming DC film, is also pushing for a more interconnected cinematic universe. Not to mention that recent set photo from The Batman shows citizens dressed up as both Superman and Wonder Woman, meaning that those characters would seem to exist in that movie’s universe. With Pattinson about to be the flagship character of the DC brand and Cavill about to return as Superman, it sounds like they would have to be brought together in some form.

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It’s certain that you are immediately having flashbacks to what happened with the early formation of DC’s cinematic universe, and that resulted in the worst film in the entirety of the modern DC film canon. However, Sutton clarifies that this meeting between Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill would not be a showdown film, but would instead take inspiration from the classic comic book series World’s Finest, which always had the two characters teaming up to defeat some greater threat. After the aggressively awful experience that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it would be a lot more inspiring to see a movie where the two heroes worked together instead of being at odds for the majority of the film.

However, this brings into question the recent news of Ben Affleck returning as Batman for a new HBO Max series. If nothing else, this would solidify that DC is planning to dive headfirst into a multiverse of characters, and the fact that they might be willing to do this with their flagship character of Batman is incredibly bold. Would this mean that Robert Pattinson’s Batman would become the main focus of films moving forward? Would the multiverse even allow for multiple Batman actors to meet as the character? The sky is the limit when you are dealing with the infinite wackiness of the multiverse!

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Frankly, this might be the best outcome for everyone involved. Ben Affleck has never gotten a chance to have a story that solely focuses on his version of Batman, and the HBO Max series sounds like the best avenue to take with that. Meanwhile, the Robert Pattinson take on the character has already garnered a ton of interest and might pair better with the Henry Cavill version of Superman than Affleck did. With The Flash planning to softly reboot the entire DC movie canon, anything is possible.

We will have to see if this rumor ends up being true. A lot of that will likely ride on what the reaction to The Batman ends up being. We hope that Robert Pattinson makes a good enough impression to help this potential project see the light of day.