Robert Pattinson Has Gotten Too Fat To Play Batman?

Is Robert Pattinson causing problems for The Batman?

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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Robert Pattinson is going to deliver a version of Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman that promises to be unlike any we’ve seen before in The Batman. However, a new rumor claims that the star is causing trouble for the production.

The rumor says that Robert Pattinson showed up to set and was out of shape. Director Matt Reeves demanded that Pattinson go home for a few more weeks and work out so that he would be in proper shape. This already sounds a little iffy, but the rumor gets outright ridiculous when it states that the studio created a fake positive coronavirus test for Pattinson to cover up his poor physical condition.

This seems like the worst kind of conspiracy theorizing. The idea that Robert Pattinson contracting COVID-19 was used as a cover story for the actor being out of shape sounds absurd. If Warner Bros. wanted to close down production, there are a number of other reasons they could have given that would not have looked nearly as bad. Using a positive coronavirus result as a cover story is simply unbelievable. Of course, this rumor has no hard evidence to back up such a claim.

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The rumor goes on to claim that the issues with Robert Pattinson continued after production resumed and that the stress has become too much for director Matt Reeves. Supposedly, these stresses have led Matt Reeves to want to be done with the picture and abandon the franchise after this entry. No plans for a sequel or any continuation are in play now because of the stress Reeves has been under. Again, there is no hard evidence to back up these claims. It is all pure rumor.

Let us ignore this rumor-mongering for a minute and look at the more logical explanation to all this. Is Robert Pattinson causing problems for The Batman production? No one will know for sure, but his positive coronavirus test assuredly threw the entire project into chaos. In fact, the entire pandemic likely turned the production on its head. Trying to make a movie under these conditions has to be extremely difficult, and making movies is already one of the most strenuous endeavors one can engage in. It would not be surprising to hear that anyone involved is feeling overly taxed.

As for Robert Pattinson? The idea that he didn’t actually have coronavirus is downright offensive. There is nothing to back up such a radical claim, so the only option is to discount it. But, Pattinson could very well be feeling the harsh after-effects of the illness. Those kinds of effects can linger long after the virus has left its host. Considering that Pattinson is being asked to do a lot of physical exhaustive acts – just wearing the Batsuit has to be physically draining – he could very well be more depleted than normal.

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This publication has nothing but sympathy for Robert Pattinson and everyone involved in the production of The Batman. Trying to make a movie right now seems like the least important thing in the world. Hopefully, things will come together for the best and everyone will remain healthy. If that means sacrificing The Batman, then so be it. No movie is worth anyone’s health and well-being.