Robert Pattinson Says He Wants To Be Batman In Real Life

By Douglas Helm | 4 months ago

batman robert pattinson

It seems like Robert Pattinson is really enjoying his time portraying the Caped Crusader. In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Eiga (check out the translated article here), Pattison talked about how he “wants to be Batman all the time,” mentioning the deep sorrow and the tragedy he’s found in the character. It sounds like Pattison is really tapping into the emotions and nuance of the Batman character, and getting a real sense of how he wants to portray him.

While Robert Pattinson is no stranger to playing supernaturally talented individuals (he did play a vampire in the Twilight franchise after all) this will obviously be a far different role for him. Of course, his Twilight tenure may have fans pre-judging his performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but those who have been following Pattinson’s career closely know that he’s been putting in amazing, engaging performances since his vampire days. He’s crushed it in indie hits like Good Time and The Lighthouse. He’s even dipped his toes back into the blockbuster world with Christoper Nolan’s Tenet.

Though Robert Pattinson has more than proved his acting chops by now, this will mark his return to playing a character in a franchise. And, like Twilight, it’s definitely not a lesser-known franchise. This is a character that people love from movies, comics, and TV. Taking on the mantle of the Bat is no easy task, and pleasing every fan of the character is pretty much impossible. Still, we think Pattinson has as good of a shot as any.

In The Batman, Robert Pattinson will be portraying a younger, more inexperienced version of the character. This is when Batman is just beginning to start his career as Gotham’s Dark Knight. It’ll be interesting to see Pattinson tackle this portrayal of the character, especially since we’ll see him going up against Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot Penguin and Paul Dano’s Edward Nigma/Riddler. Though we’ve seen these characters in Batman movies before, portrayed by Danny DeVito and Jim Carrey respectively, these look to be more grounded and less campy takes on the villains.

robert pattinson the batman

If Robert Pattinson wants to continue to plumb the depths of the Batman character, he’s picked a great franchise to do so. Out of all the movie genres, superheroes are usually the most likely to get a sequel. As long as the movie does well and the stars are on board to continue, we very well could see a Robert Pattinson Batman trilogy. And since every superhero movie is connected in the modern age, maybe we could see him popping up in movies around the rest of the DC cinematic universe.

If you really can’t get enough Batman, regardless of who’s portraying him behind the mask, you’re going to love 2022. You’ll get to see Robert Pattinson play him, Ben Affleck reprise the role, and Michael Keaton make his grand return all in one year. Now if only they could get Christian Bale to show up in the suit, then Batman fans would truly have a banner year.